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Iowa City, July 2, 2013- Jocelyn, Pop/Rock band out of Iowa City, IA has shocked the music world by reaching their Kickstarter campaign goal of $5,000 in just ten minutes, and incase you were wondering, it didn’t stop there. With an unheard of $10,000 being raised in under 48 hours the band has reevaluated the campaign and announced an extended goal of $15,000 to replace two stolen guitars. In return, the band has promised to release a 10 video YouTube series of cover songs from fan favorites if this goal is met. They have also offered other rewards for donating fans such as allowing four fans and their friends to attend a music video shoot and selling items such as a signed guitar, a bass drum head used at their first show and the microphone used to record every demo ever made. Make sure to check out their Kickstarter page here.

Thrilled with the overwhelming support their fans have showed for their Kickstarter campaign the band said, “This Kickstarter sends a major statement to some bands who have passed having us on their tours because they thought we just promoted and followed tours and never made a real impact on anyone. We’ll make sure they can’t ignore us now!”

Consisting of Landen Boyer, Alex Wiese, Steve Lydick and Josh Adams, Jocelyn is looking forward to touring this fall on the Timeless Tour, alongside Hello Highway and Once Upon A Time. As a special treat for fans, the first 30 tickets bought for each date receive a meet and greet with all the bands. To create buzz about the upcoming tour, the band has added tour-specific rewards on their Kickstarter, such as dinner with the band. To see the full tour schedule, head over to their website here.

The band will be releasing “Miss America,” their newest single later this month, as well as a music video for the track. In the meantime, be sure to check out “Storyline,” their latest album available on Itunes at:

Jocelyn Bio:

Jocelyn is a pop/rock band from Iowa City, IA. We chose the name Jocelyn to personify the music and give you a way to connect to a person, not a band. People matter and your story is important to us. Text us at 319.804.9727 and tell us yours.
Jocelyn formed in early 2012 when long-time friends and band mates Alex Wiese (bass) and Landen Boyer (Vocals) wrapped up college. With their degrees in hand, they finally found the time they needed to make a band what it needed to be. They connected with Steve Lydick (Guitar), and immediately recorded their debut EP ‘To You And Yours’ with producer Kevin Gates.

June came and, along with releasing the album, the trio set out on the road to promote the album, though not in the way you might expect. Jocelyn found tours of similar style and loaded a Honda Civic with CDs and flyers, hitting each and every stop the tours made. Here they were able to connect with fans one-on-one and introduce them to the band on much more personal level. Night after night of peanut butter sandwiches and empty parking lots where they would sleep in reclined car seats, Jocelyn grew their dedicated following.
The band took time in between tours to write and found themselves with their second EP “Storyline” recorded in the early fall. With two tours happening simultaneously they wanted to pursue, Jocelyn enlisted the help of Josh Adams (Guitar/Vocals) to cover more ground.
At the end of six months, the band had now covered over 70,000 miles, promoted at over 170 shows, sold over 5,000 physical albums, released an EP, recorded another, added a member, and amassed a nation-wide fan base.

In January 2013 they set out on the better part of a three month acoustic tour of their own, playing in fan’s living rooms throughout the midwest, northeast, and west coast. They also performed their first full-band show to release their ‘Storyline’ EP and played to a crowd that consisted of fans who traveled from over fifteen states and thousands of collective miles.
As Jocelyn wraps up their three month acoustic tour, they intend to prepare for a much anticipated tour schedule, bringing them back to the fans they love and the friends who have gotten them so far already.

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