Album Review: ‘Battle Scars’ Paradise Fears


If you want to listen to songs that are lyrically powerful and honest, consider listening to Paradise Fears. On June 25th, Paradise Fears released its new EP, Battle Scars. This album consists of 6 songs, an Intro, and a Reprise, totaling 8 tracks for only $4.99.

The album name, Battle Scars, itself suggests the content of these songs. This album is about the mistakes we make in life, the battle scars we have experienced. Every song is a reflection of hurt we may have felt, while also an inspiration to heal from these wounds and move on.

The Intro (Prelude) is a rap-like speech, full of meaningful lyrics that every lover of music can relate to. This one minute and thirty-five seconds of lyrical gold tells us the purpose of music: why artists create art and why the audience appreciates it. The lead singer, Sam Miller, sings, “All the words we always wanted but could never make them rhyme.”

I could not help but to cry while I listened to the track “Battle Scars” for the first time. I associated this song with the dark moments I endured when I fractured both my wrists snowboarding. Despite the negative association, the tears that ran down my face were happy ones. Listening to this song was alleviating because it reminded me of what I had overcome. Paradise Fears reminds us that “to not have some Battle Scars is to never have lived.”

If you are ever having a bad day, listening to Battle Scars will instantly uplift you. It will remind you of difficult times, but it will also reassure you that everything will be okay and that you must “keep marching on.” This album also inspires you to do more and be more. So “what are you waiting for?” Check out this band and its new EP today.

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