Web Series of the Week: 'Squaresville'


For most of us high school was something we got through while we waited for the stuff to begin. Most of us never sat at the cool kids table, and spent most of our social lives with one or two other peers. Most of us spent our teenage years living in Squaresville. Created by Matt Enlow, Squaresville premiered on YouTube on March 16th 2012 and is currently in its 2nd season. The comedy web series stars Mary Kate Wiles as Zelda Warring a girl who is afraid she may not ever escape her hometown and who has a thing for protest gardening. Kylie Sparks plays Zelda’s best friend Esther who is often a reluctant participant in Zelda’s adventures. Austin Rogers plays Percy the girl’s platonic geek friend who is often found to be seeking romantic advice from them.

The writing on Squaresville is snappy and smart and never feels fake. Thanks in large part to the use of on site locations the production value on the series feels first-rate.  One of the best things about the series is that each episode last 2-4 minutes in length so it’s the perfect fit if you don’t have a lot of time and just want to watch something light and funny.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrDgXvpO-P4]
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