The Fosters – "Pilot" 01×01


Hello! Welcome to my recapping of The Fosters, a new ABC Family series. I’m excited to be recapping this story because not only are we along for the ride of the development of this show, but it’s a show that has representations of people we don’t usually see on television. The fosters is about a lesbian couple and their foster children, and hopefully, if the show does it right, it’ll educate kids watching ABC Family who may not be educated?


This episode was just setting up plot points for the future, but for me to recap anything we need to first talk about the characters.

Stef Foster – The white cop, who seems to have a tough exterior and thinks it’s important that her partner include her in her decisions….except when those decisions include her ex-husband Matt.

Lena Adams – The black vice principal who has awesome hair. The more emotional of the two partners.

Callie – Teenage girl who went to juvie trying to protect her brother. Lots of walls set up around her.

Jude – Callie’s little brother.

Jesus Foster – Mexican. Twins with Mariana. Loves video games, has no interest in meeting his birth mother, and is super protective of his moms. Also on some sort of medication.

Mariana Foster – Mexican. Twin of Jesus. Girly girl? Gullible.

Brandon Foster – Cutie. Talented musician. Sweet. Selfless. Basically the perfect man-candy for this ABCF Original.

Mike – Stef’s ex-husband.

If you have ever watched an ABCF Original you know the amount of Drama (with a capital D) they can have. But, they also always seem to have a lot of heart. Which kind of caters to everyone.


This had a good balance. There’s the Drama, Callie racing in to save Jude from an abusive foster parent, Mariana selling her brother’s drugs and giving the money to her bio-mom, but there’s also an abundance of heart. The Fosters taking in not one, but two strangers, Brandon foregoing his audition to help Callie, and Jesus being super protective of his moms, against strangers and his sister.

I think it’s definitely a show that has a lot of potential, and I’m excited to watch and go along for the ride! I hope you join me!!

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