The Fosters – "Consequently" 01×02


A big problem this week was that after his meds were stolen by his twin sister, Jesus was a little on edge, and he couldn’t pay attention. He go into a fight over a boy over a girl and it was drama-ful. But, what I really like about this story line is seeing Jake T. Austin play something other than a stupid little brother. I can’t wait to see what happens with his character in the future!


And, speaking of the thief, Mariana had to own up. There was a note found by the garbage can at the school that mentioned someone had drugs and they had a very (unrealistic) drug search. Just when she thought she’d get away with it, Mom Lena caught a girl doing drugs in the bathroom. And the girl blamed it on our girl Callie. This made the already unwelcoming home (because it’s Callie’s fault Brandon followed her to bust Jude out) even more unwelcoming. Callie didn’t throw Mariana under the bus, but she also stood up for herself and said she didn’t.

Mariana decided to grow up and tell her parents that she did it. We don’t know the consequences yet, but I imagine they will be severe.

Jude seems to be settling in well and Matt, Lena, and Stef are all fighting over the right way to discipline their son Brandon (weirdest love triangle ever). Brandon’s girlfriend is jealous of Callie (why I don’t know), and Brandon skips out of sexy times with her to teach Callie to play the guitar, which is kind of a no-no, but I was excited for Callie because everyone at school seems to hate her. We’ll have to see what comes of these.The-Fosters-Episode-1.02-Consequently-Promotional-Photos-9_595_slogo

This episode was more interesting than the first, and I’m enjoying this show. For my dad however, an old man not use to teen dramas, it stresses him out. I still think it’s exciting and it’s going to change how my generation sees people of different orientations.

I’m going on vacation for the next two Mondays and I probably won’t get to see these episodes until the end of the month. I’ll do one big recap for both if I can’t find Wifi!  Thanks for being patient! And as always feel free to leave a comment or tweet me ( @CareyGrace) with your thoughts!

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