'The Bachelorette' 9.05 Brings the Ben Drama to a Head


The men are brought to Munich, Germany for their next day of travels. Most of the men are in hoodies as Zak is in a nice jacket with a scarf… Clearly he’s the stylin’ one. Germany is so beautiful with so much history, I’m terribly envious of all these guys. But, they have to deal with the first two on one that will bring some added drama for the episode. I’ve liked Zak and Juan Pablo since the beginning, and although Juan Pablo never seems to get air time I’m still liking him. Zak always gets a few moments and this episode was no exception. I expect him to go until the end so they ought to give him a one on one soon!

Screen-Shot-2013-06-24-at-8.52.36-PMChris gets the only one on one of the week and they explore Munich with maps and phrasebooks. They’re really giggly around each other and seem to be having fun sharing sausage and trying on lederhosen until Bryden interrupts them. Bryden kept thinking Desiree was forgetting about him just like last week, and now he actually does leave. If he hadn’t he probably would have been chucked anyway, because no one wants the whiny boy. After the interruption Chris and Des sit down for beer and conversation before going to a palace for their special evening. Chris pulls out another poem he wrote for Des that’s really romantic. If it doesn’t get a rose the first time, then try try again. Fortunately it works this time as Desiree is brought to tears and she gives him the rose along with a private concert. Haven’t they all had enough of these concerts yet? I expect Chris will continue on for a while because they seem really connected but I wouldn’t choose him in the final.

JUAN PABLO, BROOKS, DREW, DESIREE HARTSOCK, MIKEY T., KASEYJuan Pablo, James, Kasey, Zak, Brooks, Drew, and Mikey join Des on a mountain for the group date. All this reminds me of is the Crazy Casey 2on1 from a few seasons ago. Thankfully, nothing weird happened this date other than Brooks doing a little spying. The clip of Juan Pablo yodelling and trying to pronounce ‘yodeller’ was the cutest thing. I really wish we had more time with him, he’s so attractive! After everyone practices yodelling they all head to a private area where they get to sled down a ready-made course and throw snowballs. After an active, fun date that seemed much more natural than the usual group date they head back to this lavish igloo hotel for one on one time. Mikey pulls her outside to make snowmen and show her his sensitive side before Zak steals her away. With a beautiful backdrop of mountain Zak tells her about the last time he was in Germany and how they’re basically meant to be. Later, when James pulls Des aside for his time Brooks spies on them and is upset when he seems them kissing and being normal together. I don’t know what he expected… Even though Zak and Mikey both had more memorable one on one that we saw, she gave the group date rose to Brooks.

1848074Ben and Michael find themselves on the most-hated two on one date ever. Michael wants to reveal Ben’s bad side and send him home without a rose, while Ben wants to forget Michael exists. Michael’s interrogation of Ben throughout really left a sour taste in my mouth as he came off as such a bully. In the hot tub boat Michael chipped away at Ben’s claims at being a good father and at dinner he continued the onslaught, this time targeting Ben’s faith. I really expected Des to chuck both of them when the dinner conversation got so heated that Ben had to leave, but after listening to both sides of the story she sent Ben home alone. It was a good act, but his true colours have shown now. Not only will he never get to be the Bachelor like he wanted, but I doubt the women he mentioned will be running back to him either.

Drew and Kasey heard a discussion between James and Mikey after the group date that set them off. James said he wanted to position himself as the next Bachelor and “run Chicago” with Mikey, giving them both access to rich, older women. Now, if that isn’t the kind of guy you want to keep in the competition, I don’t know what is! Chris Harrison sits down for a short chat with Desiree before the rose ceremony when he asks her about the best kissers. Although she initially doesn’t want to say any names she ends up saying she’d kiss Brooks for sentimental reasons and Zak because he’s the best. Awe, of course my favourite is the best! When they move onto the drama of the week, Des reveals that it makes her worry about if the guys will pull out and break her heart. Although all the guys are plotting things they need to tell her, she decides she has no need for a cocktail party and will go straight to sending one man home. How unfortunate for Drew who planned to tell her of James’ deception.

desiree-zak-bacheloretteThe men continuing are Chris (1on1), Brooks (group), Michael (2on1), Zak, Kasey, Juan Pablo, Drew, and James sending Bryden, Ben, and Mikey home. Next week seems to show Zak getting a one on one date as the James feud puts Desiree in tears. The extra photo for the week is of Zak with Des during his one on one time.

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