Teen Wolf Episode 3.02 "Chaos Rising"

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Last episode, we were introduced to the Alpha Pack and a mysterious girl who was killed by their leader, Deucalion. This episode; Derek and Scott search to find Erica and Boyd, who have been missing for over three months.

The episode begins with Allison and Lydia hoping to find Scott and see if the symbol on their arms mean anything, while Stiles has talked Scott into visiting the birthday party of his childhood friend, Heather. Stiles is immediately pounced on by Heather as he enters the door, and she plants a kiss onto his shocked face. Heather is planning on losing her virginity that night and drags Stiles down into the basement, while Scott is a little lost upstairs and notices that he has a missed call from Allison. While downstairs, Stiles realizes that he doesn’t have any condoms and runs up to Heather’s bathroom, where she says that her brother keeps them, only to find some XXL condoms – awkward. Heather is downstairs waiting for him to return, when the wine bottles all around start to shatter around her (implying that the Alphas, or whoever have taken her, have telekinetic powers, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me) and she is taken through the back window. Stiles returns back to find Heather and all of the shattered wine bottles gone, so perhaps it was all a hallucination to her – we just don’t know.

Stiles after being kissed by Heather.

In Derek’s new loft apartment, Derek is planning to invite Sassy Uncle Peter to attempt to retrieve the memories from Isaac that he lost due to the events that happened prior to the previous episode. After an absolutely fantastic exchange of events between Derek and Peter, (“[Derek], I hope you’re comfortable with saying whatever it is you’re feeling straight to my face.” “We don’t like you. Now shut up and help us.”) Peter stabs Isaac in the back of the neck in the memory-retrieval process, seeing fuzzy images that include Boyd and Deucalion, hearing something about time running out, and that Erica and Boyd would be dead by the next full moon – of course it would be the following night.

At school, Scott makes Derek look at the bruises on Allison and Lydia, but he thinks that it’s nothing – Lydia once again shows her secret intelligence by mentioning pareidolia, a mental condition that causes people to see patterns where there aren’t any. Derek refuses to civilly talk to Allison and Lydia, claiming that Lydia “[was the] one who used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle,” and that Allison “shot about thirty arrows into me and my pack”. Scott and Stiles attempt to convince Derek to help out, but their persuasion doesn’t work. The Alpha twins Ethan and Aiden pass by, catching Scott’s attention, although he doesn’t realize why.

Coach Finstock gives the class a lesson on the stock market and the two main principles of risk and reward, and is delighted when Scott knows the answer for once. He asks the class for a quarter and while Stiles tries to give him a quarter from his pocket, the XXL condom flies out (and don’t think we didn’t notice the look Danny gave him when he saw that). Stiles attempts to get the quarter in the cup when his father arrives and mentions that Stiles was the last person to see Heather at the party. Allison and Lydia are in the library, trying to work out what the symbol means, when the Alpha twins walk in; Lydia goes to hit on one of them while the other checks out Danny. Allison picks up Lydia’s coffee mug and muses that perhaps the mark isn’t a symbol, but a logo.

Isaac half-transformed before the trance.

Scott and Stiles wonder if the Alpha pack could be behind Heather’s disappearance, and Stiles panics, explaining that Heather’s mum used to be best friends with his mum, and he has to find her. Scott says that Isaac needs to remember and they all meet up with Derek and Isaac at Dr. Deaton’s Animal Clinic. There, they fill a bath with multiple bags of ice and Deaton explains that Isaac heart rate has to be low enough for him to go into a trance; they shove him in and hold him under until he enters the trance – he remembers that Erica and Boyd were being held in a bank vault… he also remembers seeing Erica’s dead body (I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry). But if Erica wasn’t the one in the vault with Boyd, who was it? Stiles speculates that Alpha Pack might be pitting them against each other during the full moon; Allison realizes that the symbol on her arm is from the bank.

At the loft, Stiles, Derek, Scott and Peter come together to form a plan based on a successful robbery a few months back by entering in through an air duct, and once inside, Derek will punch through the wall. Peter insists that they forget the mission, because they’ll most likely get killed and he’d rather let Erica and Boyd die than fight. Stiles asks if they can kill Peter again, and Derek brings Scott along with him, believing Erica is still alive. Allison sneaks into the abandoned vault using bolt cutters and is assaulted by Ms. Morrell, who tells her to hide in a storage closet. She does, and Derek and Scott sneak into the shaft – back at the loft, Stiles is speculating why the pack would use a bank, and Peter realizes that the vault walls are made of Moonstone, and has been blocking the moonlight from reaching Boyd and the unknown girl, meaning that they haven’t been able to transform for four months, and that it’s a trap – the rabid wolves will be unable to help attacking Derek and Scott, who arrive and realize that they are trapped inside a ring of mountain ash. Derek is shocked when the new girl reveals herself as Cora Hale, Derek’s long lost little sister. Just as Boyd and Cora lose control, Ms. Morrell completes the mountain ash line, revealing that she is for some reason working with the Alpha pack.

Our first look at Cora Hale.

Boyd and Cora fight Derek and Scott, and Allison leaves her hiding place and finds them all fighting – she breaks the mountain ash line despite Derek’s objections, and Boyd and Cora escape. The episode ends with Derek and Allison arguing, mentioning how Allison’s mother was a killer, and they both look to Scott, who is clearly remembering the night that Victoria Argent tried to kill him, and is reluctant to tell Allison. Lydia is in her bed sleeping when she suddenly begins to scream.

I honestly can’t explain how goddamn amazing this episode was, and it’s only the second episode of this season… I can feel how awesome this is going to be, the equivalent of Supernatural’s “season gr8”. This episode ended on an insane cliffhanger on three accounts, and in between the Stiles, Derek and Peter sass-offs, this has definitely been one of my favourite episodes of Teen Wolf ever, and I am immensely excited for next week.

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