Single Review: 'Forget The Light' Breathe In The Silence

Breathe In The Silence


Breathe In The Silence, a UK-based band by way of Wales formed in late August of 2012, but have only recently begun to put themselves out there. We at HRC got contacted by bassist Jon to review their recently released single ‘Forget The Light.’

The track is high-energy right out of the gate, with thudding drums and melodic guitars, paving the way for vocalist Adamross Williams to inject his light, almost airy vocals into the track, which match well with the guitar tonality.

About two minutes into the track, we find a musical breakdown, the highlight being the guitar work showcased by Nathan Campfield. It’s a heavier riff, which balances well with the melodic tonality that came before it, adding another layer to the overall work and giving it an edge.

This is immediately followed by a very subdued, almost intimate bridge, which plays into the existing contrasts that are already on display, slowly building up in intensity toward the chorus, which finishes the track nicely, ending with Williams screaming “Forget The Light.”

Overall, this is a very catchy track, it manages to toe the line between being both heavy and melodic without going too far in either direction, creating a very balanced atmosphere that is already resonating with fans.


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