'Rookie Blue' Episode 4.03 "Different, Not Better"


It has been two very long weeks since the last time a new episode of Rookie Blue aired.  Let’s all agree that should never happen again, shall we?  Yes, I know that it will go on hiatus until next summer (crossing fingers for a season 5 renewal) but I am mentally ready for that break.  I was not, however, prepared for the NBA finals.  But I can relax now because my favorite rookies came back tonight with a great big…..not so exciting episode.

Don’t get me wrong I liked it, actually I loved this episode, but it just seemed a tad on the reserved side.  “Different, Not Better” moseyed along its merry way not in a hurry to get any where in particular. Even with the paintball scene in the beginning and a flying television later on.  Confused? Lost? That’s okay I will explain.

PETER MOONEY, TRAVIS MILNEAndy finds herself working out unwanted tension by launching a barrage of paintball pellets at a cowering Nash and Diaz (don’t worry they were crouching behind some metal oil barrels) all so her teammate, Gail, can capture the giraffe. Oh wait, I’m sorry that’s not right it was a camel that had the same coloring as a giraffe so you can see why Gail was confused.  Both Nick and Nash pretty much attributed Andy’s gung-ho to one Mr. Sam Swarek.  You remember him, the guy that broke our Andy’s heart in to a million pieces when she found out he had moved on while she undercover.  Yeah, that guy.

And the woman he moved on with? Well she just so happens to be Andy’s partner for the day.  This can’t be good and it wasn’t.  Don’t worry no one dies.  Wait. No. Someone did die, but she was crazy and holding some snotty little kid hostage so she doesn’t really count.  So aside from the crazy lady dying Andy and Cruz spent the entire day getting on each others nerves. But can you really blame them? Andy is Sam’s ex-girlfriend. Cruz is his current girlfriend.  No matter which way you swing it these two women are not going to be the best of friends, but as they both proved tonight when they are on the job they will have each others backs.  As a cop you couldn’t ask for more.

Andy wasn’t the only one riding with a partner they wouldn’t have chosen for themselves.  As it turns out the girl Dov hooked up with in the last episode is not only a cop, but she’s Frank’s god-daughter.  Talk about awkward.  To make it even more of a treat Chloe, that’s her name by the way, is a talker.  An incessant talker.  A talker who talks incessantly about antiques and couches.  Poor Dov.  No wonder her old precinct found her to be annoying.  Despite all the gabbing Chloe is a pretty cool chick and not a bad cop either because her and Dov were the ones that caught the ATM robber.  ATM Bandit sounds better, don’t you think?

TRAVIS MILNELeave it to Ofc. Oliver Shaw to teach Diaz the lesson that all parents must eventually learn and that is if they aren’t our kids we can only listen to someone else go on about their kids for so long before we snap.  Kids are great, sometimes. Being a parent is great, sometimes.  Hearing about how your friend is a parent every 15 minutes is never awesome.  Ever.  Don’t.  Do.  It.  I mean it.  Stop.  Now.  Every now and again is fine.  Like every couple of months or when something major happens.  But that’s it, no more.  It’s understandable that Diaz is freaked out and wants everything to be perfect for his son.  However as Oliver already knows that is impossible.  So what does Diaz do once he realizes that perfection is out the window and he is driving his partner crazy?  Why he gets a tattoo, duh.

Which is more depressing having your ashes abandoned in the house where a couple of frat guys lives or having your family tell the cops to flush your ashes down the toilet?  Actually it’s neither.  What is really sad is Gail being stuck in the property room babysitting an abandoned urn and drinking a disgusting looking liquid concoction meant to cleanse the body.  No thank you.  Now I’m not sure how Gail got from Nick not tasting her drink to it being a symbol for togetherness but get there she did.  I think she’s spending a little too much time inside locked a way in the property room.  The girl needs to get out some and leave that nasty drink behind.  I know that Gail and Nick are engaged-ish but I’m just not feeling them as a couple.  Oh well maybe they will start growing on me next week.

Stray Observations

It is so refreshing to see women cops wear the proper shoes for chasing down bad guys.  I am so sick of seeing women cops chasing down some perp wearing 6 inch heels.

Not a lot of Sam and Nash this week and I can’t say that I missed them.

I want to go paint balling.  I do not advocate the use of guns.  I do, however, advocate a good game of paint ball.  Maybe some laser tag even.

Not enough Ofc. Oliver Shaw.  Needs more, a lot more.

Where in the world is Noelle?  Is she gone, gone? Cause that would suck.


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