Monks of Mellonwah to Release 'Ghost Stories EP' On June 29th

Monks of Mellonwah


Monks of Mellonwah, a Progressive quartet out of Sydney Australia are set to release their highly-anticipated ‘Ghost Stories EP’ on June 29th. The EP kicks off with it’s title track ‘Ghost Stories’ which opens with a light, airy, almost transient guitar riff, it has an atmospheric quality reminiscent of The Cure, as does much of the overall instrumentation. The drums and bass move through the music like a well-oiled machine, showcasing a high music I.Q. The melodic precision and attention to detail pave the way nicely for vocalist Vikram Kaushik to inject his vocals into the track, which bring to mind Incubus’s Brandon Boyd. The tempo shifts towards the end of the track, finishing with a high-energy riff that is likely to get a listeners heart racing (whether at a live venue or comfortably at home).

‘Vanity’ continues the atmospheric theme, while also injecting vintage guitar tonality and instrumentation (there is definitely a Zeppelin feel to this track). The distorted Bluesy riffs contrast sharply with the slower, cleaner elements, providing a multi-layered listening experience that manages to maintain a delicate balance between the two.

The EP concludes with ‘Sailing Stones’ which builds upon the theme and atmosphere created by it’s predecessors. This is a very feel-good track, with shades of Skynyrd in the verses and a powerful, distorted chorus. Within that same breath, the bridge solo has an unmistakably ethnic feel to it, drawing on a plethora of influences that seems to be the hallmark of this multi-faceted foursome.

The Monks of Mellonwah are certainly on a lot of radars, and, with an upcoming EP like ‘Ghost Stories’, it isn’t difficult to see why. The level of precision, combined with the eclectic mix of influences makes this band easily accessible to both the vintage purist and modern listener, and that is the true magic of ‘Ghost Stories’. It manages to toe the line between vintage and modern without going too far in either direction, allowing the band to carve out their own unique identity along the way.

Stream the title track ‘Ghost Stories’ and ‘Vanity’ here:

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