It's Official the 'Veronica Mars' Movie has a Start Date.

Veronica_mars_intro-600x338Earlier this morning I was lamenting on line that here it was June 5th and we haven’t seen or heard any updates from Veronica Mars Creator Rob Thomas on the movie. I knew something had to be going on because both he and Kristen Bell had stated that filming would begin in June. Well it’s June and nothing. Ok, yes it’s only the 5th day into June, but I’m impatient and I love these characters and I need a little reassurance that things are still moving along in the proper direction.  Forgive me, I’m needy.

But, not even 30 minutes after I made the comment we hadn’t heard any news, I received an update (remember I’m a backer) from Rob that announced the official filming start date will be June 17th. That is 12 days away, 12 days!!! It’s on people. The update also says that a lot of the film will be done at practical locations versus building sets.  I for one prefer practical shoots because it adds more realism to the scene. There has been no new casting notices, but Rob does assure us that they will becoming soon. Although my hopes for a Harry Hamlin cameo seem to be all but dashed. Oh well.

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