Web Series of the Week 'The Booth at the End'


What would happen if someone was able to grant you whatever you wished for and in return all you had to complete was a task?  Would you do it?  Would it change you?  How far would you be willing to go and would it be worth the consequences?  Xander Berkeley stars as simply The Man a mysterious stranger who takes up residence (not literally) at a booth in a diner where he jots down notes on the people who come to him in search of absolution.  The Booth at the End is a quiet, unassuming series that does little more than pull you in to the lives of the people coming to see The Man as sure as if you were sitting there yourself.  The one constant throughout the 2 seasons currently airing on Hulu is the quiet, yet powerful performance by Berkeley.  You never know where The Man stands personally on any of the people who have come seeking his favor.  Nor does he judge these people for seeking him out.  All he ask is that they complete a task in return for his assistance.  For instance in the first episode of the series he asks James, the father of a young boy dying of cancer, to pick and murder a young child in return for saving his son.

Aside from Berkeley some of the other stand out performances of the series are Abby Miller who plays Theresa who wants to be loved, Noel Fisher who plays Dillon a guy afraid to die, Jennifer Del Rosario who plays Melody a girl who wants to trade places with a girl who died, and Matt Boren who plays Willem a guy looking to date a centerfold.  There has been no word yet on a possible season 3 but I’m still holding out hope that we haven’t seen the last of this series.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l95wj1Kwi2s]



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