"Star Trek Into Darkness" – more like Into Awesomeness

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Hopefully I’m going to be able to gather my thoughts into something resembling anything literate and not just a pile of drool and emotions running rampant across the page. If you can’t already tell, I loved this movie, and it is undoubtedly now sitting proudly at the top of my Top Movies Of All Time list.

However, there have been many mixed opinions about this movie from fans and non-fans all around. I’ve heard many say that it wasn’t as good as the previous Star Trek, I’ve heard people say that the VFX were better but it still doesn’t beat any of the originals, I’ve even seen some people say that they hated it and just “threw elements of Star Trek together with a vague plot and lens flares and hoped something would come out of it”. I, however, have to utterly disagree with all of the above opinions, I’m sorry.

Without spoiling too much, Star Trek Into Darkness was a brilliant movie with a fast pace (but not too fast), enough original Trek references to make any Trekkie happy, fantastic effects and a well thought-out plot. Not to mention that rising star (well, risen now) Benedict Cumberbatch acted circles around everybody else as John Harrison. This film made my heart pound, my fingers clutch the armrests of my seat, made me cry a few times and made me yell out extremely rude phrases in the theatre in complete shock of what was happening.

Star Trek Into Darkness is based on the Enterprise crew, as we all know, and how they are gathered together after a man named John Harrison, an ex-Starfleet Agent, attacks a secret archive base, killing many people in the process. He then flees to ‘Kronos’, the Klingon home planet, and an enraged Captain Kirk is armed with seventy-two torpedoes given to him by Admiral Marcus, and is forced to either follow his orders and destroy him, or do what feels right and follow the advice of Spock, Uhura and Bones, and use a non-violent approach.

New (yet old) characters are introduced in this film, such as Carol Marcus, and an old enemy is revealed; Kirk isn’t sure whether to trust John Harrison’s words or not, and as something fishy is going on with Starfleet, Kirk knows that he can only truly trust his crew. Between the phasers and the secrets and the tears (reminiscent of the Wrath of Khan – don’t even talk to me about it), Jim has to make decisions that could affect the rest of Starfleet’s history, and in the process, possibly much of the universe.

God, there’s so much more I’d love to talk about, but it would be nigh impossible without giving away too many spoilers for those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to see it yet. However, I will say one thing – you’re in for a near-literal rollercoaster of emotions, my friend. Live Long and Prosper.

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