New Girl 2.23 – "Virgins"


The plot was exactly what the title implies, each character tells about their first time. It’s not New Girl’s best plot, nor it’s funniest, but I didn’t mind. The thing about this cast is you can give them any mediocre script and they will make it funny and enjoyable.

Jess’s first time was a long story, with a lot of build up. It started out on her prom night with her incompetent prom date. She escaped to the hallway to find a god in the hallway. With a guitar. This god (who’s name I didn’t catch and can’t find on the internet) was played by Dylan O’Brien (Stiles on Teen Wolf) which I personally was way too excited for. They flirted and then her date interrupted them by cutting himself with knives fashioned to rip her dress. It was kind of an ordeal, and a really busy scene.


It then flashed to her and Cici at a bar (the one Nick currently works at) with the previously mentioned god. They decided to have sex, but neither had their own place. They somehow ended up in a children’s play castle, in just their underwear, stuck. Firefighters had to cut them out, and as it turns out, her first time was not with the god, but with a firefighter.

This story line was long, but so totally Jess, so it worked.

CiCi’s first time was ALSO on prom night, but it wasn’t near as awkward (or as long) as Jess’s. She was at the bar at a hotel, and met Mick Jagger. Who she proceeded to have sex with. Simple as that. So CiCi.223-005-new-girl-virgins_509

Schmidt’s first time was worse than Jess’s. It was with Elizabeth, who we met in the previous episode, and involved a Nick who was high, “Big Guy” Schmidt and a LOT of lube. You really need to check this scene out if you haven’t already.

Winston’s first time was with a prostitute Nick’s dad had hired, and the gang spent most of his story convincing him that, yes, she was a prostitute. It was funny and awkward, just how a first time story should be.


Nick’s first time was only mentioned in passing, not seen on screen. He told Jess (and us) it wasn’t anything special and that was that.

While these flashbacks were entertaining and hilarious, it’s not what made this episode worth while. It was the last minute or two, where we see each couple at different stages in their relationship. Nick and Jess are still at this weird stage where they want to but won’t, Winston and Daisy are just trying to fit sex into her schedule, and Schmidt and Elizabeth are renewing their relationship. The couple that surprised me was CiCi and Shivrang, deciding to put off sex until their wedding choice. The surprising part? That it was CiCi wanting to wait, not Shivrang.

It felt like a stepping stone for future episodes, but it was a strong one (unlike last week’s). I’m ready to see if this CiCi and Shivrang thing happens or not, and of course when Nick and Jess will progress the relationship.

Odds and Ends

  • The little cameo of the three boys at the bar, with Schmidt hitting on CiCi, unaware of Jess was pretty much my favorite part
  • It’s nice to see Elizabeth, a normal sized person, on my screen.
  • Winston’s flashback fro
  • Stiles never has his shirt off in Teen Wolf, and I’m not sure why because he totally could.
  • Jess’s prom date was the funniest part of the flashback
  • She had to be sewn into her prom dress!
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