Nashville Recap 1×20 A Picture From Life's Other Side


So, here we are. One episode to go until the season 1 finale. And everything in Nashville is spinning out of control!

Poor, poor Juliette. She’s not the most likeable character, and in fact, most of the time she is downright deplorable, but this episode was really hard to watch.  The promo for A Picture From Life’s Other Side made it clear that one of the characters wasn’t going to make it out of the episode alive. I was so relieved when Jolene killed Dante, thinking that was who they were referring to in the teaser. But, no. Jolene’s gift to Juliette wasn’t just getting rid of Dante, it was designing a scene that looked to be about herself, and not about Juliette. There would be no follow up about the sex tape or the blackmail, and Juliette would never have to humiliate herself by sharing the details with the world. What is so heartbreaking about this gesture is how completely unaware Jolene is of the loss Juliette will feel without her. It is a painful irony that Juliette is forced to live with. She has wished her mother away so many times, and now that she has finally begun to appreciate and love her, Jolene has removed herself from the picture for good. Juliette’s been dealt some tough hands, but this is going to be a difficult one to recover from.

But…maybe Avery will be there to comfort her? Juliette obviously likes him, as she invited him to write with her even after he turned down her invitation last week. (I was shocked she remembered that!) Is this heading somewhere romantic? It seems that way, but Avery also sent that whisk to Scarlett’s dressing room – a really sweet reference to a time when she was first trying to find her confidence to sing. I think Avery really misses Scarlett, and her relationship with Gunnar (or whoever that guy is that looks like Gunnar) seems to be crashing and burning…so I could also see a reunion between these exes. What do you think is in store for Avery? I’d personally love to see him with Juliette. They both need to be better versions of themselves, and it would be nice if their union could bring that out in each of them.

Also, Scarlett still loves Gunnar. The problem is that Gunnar has been the victim of some sort of alien invasion and is being controlled from the inside by evil creatures. Or some similar scenario that explains who the hell this person is. Why oh why must they ruin the one character who was SO perfect? I get the grief thing, and the way his brother died was terrible and I fully support a period of misery. But this whole “my brother is dead so I’m going to become him” thing is so unpleasant to watch. Plus, I really thought when Deacon and Scarlett found him at that bar and convinced him to come home that he had turned a corner. But, apparently not. On the bright side, I got the apology and admission of overreaction that I was hoping for last week. Gunnar told Will he was sorry for the way he responded to the kiss and explained he was just surprised. A week too late, but I’m glad to know Gunnar is not just a horrible homophobe.  Too bad they had to get their asses arrested in order to have this heart to heart. I really like Will, though. I’m thrilled he’s going to sign with Rayna’s label – clearly he’ll be sticking around. I hope he meets some super sexy dude who totally kisses him back.

And that brings us to Rayna and Deacon. Could there be anything better than watching the love of your life play guitar and sing with your ultra talented kids? I don’t think so. (Have I mentioned how much I love Lennon and Maisy?) That scene was absolute perfection and gave us a glimpse into what life could have been like had Deacon not been such a mess of a man 13 years ago. It also gave us insight into the life that Rayna finally feels is within her reach….except that it’s all about to come crumbling down. Here’s a question, though. If you had a secret that you really didn’t want anyone to know, something like say, you’re not actually the biological father of one of your daughters, WOULD YOU KEEP THE PROOF OF THIS FACT IN A BOX IN YOUR CLOSET? Why would that paternity test be there? If both Rayna and Teddy were committed to this never ever getting out, wouldn’t that thing have been shredded years ago? Or at the very least kept in a safety deposit box or a safe or SOMEWHERE where Maddie couldn’t just find it?

The thought of Deacon realizing that Rayna has been lying to him for over a decade makes me want to throw up. Add to that the promo that suggests that Deacon ends up drinking, and I might not make it to next week. Oh, but I have to make it, because…..CMAs!!!!

What awaits us at the season finale? Predictions? Wishes? Leave for me in the comments! See you back here next week.

PS – you’ll notice I make no mention of Tandy or Lamar…it’s because, well, I just can’t even pretend I care.

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