'Hart of Dixie' Recap – Episode 2.22 "On the Road Again"


How is it possible that this season is over already? I’m pretty sure it just started, didn’t it? And yet at the same time it seems like it has been forever since Wade and Zoe first declared that they were going to give whatever they had a real shot.  Of course then the writers decided to blow that all to hell in what we can probably all agree was a completely unnecessary attempt to assassinate Wade’s character.  Because let’s face it who among us, and yes I am including those of you who are not fans of a Wade & Zoe pairing, actually bought that freaking story?  Ugh.

But other than that minor misstep Season 2 of Hart of Dixie has been pretty good.  Notice I said pretty good and not great.  Often times the first season of a show is about establishing itself, the second season is about throwing everything in to see what works and what doesnt, and the third season is often when a show finds itself.  Which pretty much means that next season Blue Bellians are in for one hell of a good season because season 2 has most definitely been all over the map.

But before we get to S3 first we need to wrap up S2 and that comes in the form of “On the Road Again”.   Even though once again HoD had 4 different storylines running at once it didn’t seem quite as cluttered as previous episodes have.  Now that might be because I’m getting used to the ABCD pacing the show has instead of the more common ABC structure.

Mayor Lavon Hayes and the rest of his Ocean’s 11 gang were on a mission of the greatest importance.  To rescue one Mr. Burt Reynolds.  Because you see Burt had been gator-napped by no other than that mall-pushing Mayor Gainey.  Take a hint buddy they don’t want no freaking mall in their neck of the woods.  Damn man stooping to gator-napping.  Some people have no scruples I tell you.  It almost looked like it was lights out for our rescue heroes until Annabeth came crashing, literally, to the rescue.  Ok so I gotta admit the gator rescue story was kind of light on what the hell’s the point of this and probably could have been cut out completely and no one would have noticed anything was missing.  But you know what, I don’t care.  Some of the best parts of this show is when it’s not trying to be anything other than fun and light hearted.  Plus any reason to see more of those crazy townspeople is a good one for me.  Plus as you know it had Tom & Wanda and well I just freaking love them.

Over on the other side of town George was in the process of drowning his, I wouldn’t call it sorrow more like frustration over everything. in some beer and a pretty bad country song.  Now I am by no means a good judge of country music, but I’m pretty sure that song that George sang with the perpetually heart broken and angry Lily was pretty bad.  And not Michael Jackson Bad, but spoiled milk bad.  Confession time when Hart of Dixie first premiered I wasn’t a big George Tucker fan.  In fact I couldn’t stand him but here lately he has grown on me by leaps and bounds.  I’m looking forward to seeing where George goes next year.  As long as it’s not in Zoe Hart’s direction because they just don’t belong together even if her and Wade never get back together Zorge is just not meant to be.  Geeze what a horrible freaking mash name.  Let’s never speak of it again shall we?

Another character who has gone from a pretentious Southern Belle to a strong & independent womanwould be Ms. Lemon Breeland.  I can officially say that Lemon has become my favorite character after Tom & Wanda of course.  Back in S1 the sound of her voice used to grate my nerves like no other sound has before and then something wonderful started to happen.  Lemon grew up.  No longer is she expecting her daddy or a man to save her or take care of her.  She even went as far as to truly and honestly give her approval of her best friend dating Lavon.  Now you know that couldn’t have been easy for her.  Nor was it probably easy for her to admit that Wade and Zoe were good for each other and made each other better.  Of course I couldn’t help but notice that wistful look Mayor Hayes (I don’t know why I tend to refer to Lavon that way it just seems to come naturally to me) threw Lemon’s way.  A possible hint at things to come in S3? Oh who are we kidding we know it is.

A couple of episodes back I said that I thought Zoe needed to jump on the rebound train with Jonah and I still think that she should.  As much as I want her and Wade to get back together and even though I may think that whole cheating plot was freaking bullshit the fact is that it happened and Zoe shouldn’t let Wade off that easily.  The fact is he hurt her and he hurt her badly.  No matter how much you may love someone when something like that happens it takes time to earn the trust back and Wade hasn’t earned it yet.  Yes, I understand that he hasn’t been with anyone else since he cheated and that’s great, good for him.  I also understand that Wade, like Lemon, has grown a lot since S1 but it doesn’t mean that Zoe should go back to him, not yet at least.  First she needs to board the 3 month rebound train otherwise known as Dr. Jonah Breeland.

Stray Observations

Lemon I’m with you girl how many men does Zoe need fawning all over her.  It’s getting a little ridiculous.

That is a lot of crazy for any morning.

Annabeth makes the best little sidekick.  Just perfect for crazy shenanigans.

After seeing shows like ER and Greys Anatomy the times they play doctor on this show seem like exactly that, playing.

George has the worst timing in Blue Bell.

I would see a play starring Burt as the crocodile from Peter Pan.

I know I said we wouldn’t speak of it again but if you ever need proof that George and Zoe weren’t meant to be just take a look at their smash name Zorge.  It’s ugly enough to give a girl nightmares.

Next season needs more Tom & Wanda. That is all.

Well Blue Bellians that’s it for Season 2.  Thanks for letting me recap these past few episodes and I will see you in the fall.

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