Album Review: 'Bring Back The Fight' The Welch Boys

Bring Back The Fight


Five-piece street punk band and Boston natives The Welch Boys certainly ‘Bring Back The Fight’ on their new album. As soon as the opening riff rips through the speakers, combined with the low, guttural growl of vocalist Ed Lalli, there is a feel-good element that instantly stands out and grabs the listener by the collar, letting you know that The Welch Boys have arrived.

The material on this album is the stuff of live show gold, with a plethora of sing-along choruses that seem tailor made for a live venue. They are reminiscent of early Green Day riffs, but with a more masculine delivery in terms of both musicality and edge. I would classify it as accessible punk: not too “fight-the-system” to turn off the mainstream, and not too mainstream to turn off punk enthusiasts. The Welch Boys bring a perfect balance of edge and commercial appeal, all on the backdrop of catchy hooks and up-tempo rhythms.

The entire album is a high-energy, high-octane, in-your-face affair, bringing to mind drunken adventures at your favorite bar, belting out countless tunes among intoxicated friends and strangers alike, devil horns in one hand and a cold brew in the other. And, once you stumble outside said bar after last call, arm in arm with strangers who are now your best friends in the entire world, the catchy melodies still linger long after the hangover subsides.

The Welch Boys maintain a heavy music profile, while at the same time keeping a sense of optimism within that profile, which is certainly unique in it’s own right. Often times we tend to see heavy bands accompany their music with dark, brooding, pessimistic lyrics, however, on ‘Bring Back The Fight’ there is a feel-good vibe present throughout. While every single track may not be the model for eternal optimism, the music remains catchy enough to keep the listener in an overall good mood.

The one gripe I would have as a listener is that the tracks tend to sound similar about halfway through the album. At times it gets difficult to distinguish between tracks (as they get rather repetitive). This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker if one is a fan of this style of music, there are certainly enough catchy hooks and sing-along choruses to keep one entertained. The Welch Boys certainly bring back a lot on this album, and fight is definitely among them.


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