A Conversation with ‘Rookie Blue’s’ Peter Mooney

In 2012 Canadian actor Peter Mooney joined the cast of the summer police drama Rookie Blue as former soldier turned cop Nick Collins. Since then his character has gone undercover, been forced to shoot his ‘girlfriend’ (the chamber was empty), and got punched in the face by the woman he loves. In other words, it has been a pretty great ride and that was all in the Season 4 premiere episode.  Recently I had the chance to ask Peter a few questions that I, and I assume lots of other fans, have been dying to know.

In the season premiere we saw that Andy and Nick had developed a tight bond thanks to being undercover for 6 months, are we going to see that friendship continue?

“Absolutely. Their friendship started in season 3, but six months in close quarters really solidified it. When they come back to the station a lot has changed for both of the.”

Last season Nick was always on the outside with the other rookies. Do you think that dynamic has changed this season?

“Not really. Nick’s a bit of a lone wolf, plus I think he’s a little wary to get too close too quickly to anyone after his experiences in Afghanistan. The other Rookies came up together and that forms an indelible bond. Nick’s more on his own path.”

Are we going to learn more about Nick’s life outside the job this season?

“You’ll see a good bit of Nick’s personal life in season IV. And for those fans particularly interested in insights into the characters the webisodes (directed by Sonia Hosko) that accompany this season are brief but clever little studies of the staff at 15 Division.” 

Are you able to perform any of your own stunts, and is there any that your hoping to have the chance to do yourself?

“I love the physical side of the job. For insurance and practical reasons there are some things that they’d much rather leave in the hands of a professional stunt performer. I like to do as much as I can though…and while it’s not a stunt per se there’s a very challenging sequence in one of the final episodes that was really exciting to do.”

If you had your choice what challenges would you like to see Nick face?

“My favourite part of doing this show is the surprises that each script brings. Nick faces some nuanced and complicated challenges this season. All I could ask for is more of those…(and maybe a really good chase sequence).”

What is one of your favorite behind the scenes memories from filming Rookie Blue so far?

“Haha. I could write a book on those… there was the day Missy shot me in the unmentionables with a paintball, falling asleep sitting up on a stakeout with the newest Rookie Priscilla (Nick makes a much better cop than Peter) almost anything Matty Gordon ever says… we have a lot of fun on this set. We take the serious stuff seriously, but then we laugh a lot off screen. I think how much we love our jobs comes across.”
When you’re not filming how do you spend your down time?

“I like to be either working or traveling. Since we wrapped I’ve spent a good bit of time in New York, headed down to surf (badly) in Costa Rica and hiked through the Andes in Peru with UNICEF. There’s a few guest stars that’ll be coming your way soon, but the thing I’m most proud of (and that the lion’s share of my time’s been dedicated to) is a short film I wrote that Greg Smith directed entitled Method. We’re just wrapping up post on that now.”

We know that you are big fan of the theatre are there any shows that you are looking forward to seeing?

“I’d love to see Book of Mormon. I hear great things. When I was in New York recently I was very lucky to have seen Sleep No More… which I’ll remember for a long long time.”

Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to share with our readers?

“I make a habit of never talking about anything till it’s “in the can”, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a very busy next few months.”




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