‘Vikings' Recap — Episode 1.07, “A King's Ransom.”

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Vikings has week by week been delivering us amazing episodes, and A King’s Ransom was no exception. Picking up where last week’s episode left us hanging, Ragnar and his crew held another raid on the west—with somewhat mixed results.

It starts out fairly routine, with the Vikings making shore and setting up camp, while the Englishmen, meanwhile, discussed whether they should kill the “savages,” accept

Were Vikings tents always this neat? (This is the History channel so I guess I'll just assume yes)
Were Vikings tents always this neat? (This is the History channel so I guess I’ll just assume yes)

the attack, or attempt to bargain with them (arguing the whole time over whether it was God or Satan who sent the forces). Eventually, they decide on the bargaining option (after their forces get pulverized and the king’s brother gets kidnapped), and invite the attackers to feast with them.

The Vikings, of course, completely shock the English people by ignoring the Christian rituals, and also by Ragnar’s insistence upon 2,000 pounds (weight) of silver and gold in return for the king’s brother. The English King accepts, though in return for one thing—one of the Vikings getting baptized and converting to Christianity, so they don’t have to negotiate with Pagans. The Vikings laugh at this at first, until Rollo surprisingly agrees.

I really have no idea what he’s up to at this point.

Like, what part of "Vikings" don't you understand?
Like, what part of “Vikings” don’t you understand?

In any case, Rollo goes through the ceremony and they all return to their camp to await their treasure, which seemingly gets delivered quite soon. Except, when they check the boxes, they’re empty, and a surprise attack comes out from the woods. Of course, the Vikings kill everyone anyways, because that’s kind of what they do, and send the king’s brother back. Dead.

They get their treasure after that.

Athelstan extending peace and love to all living beings
Athelstan extending peace and love to all living beings

Meanwhile, back at home, Lagertha is managing Ragnar’s role of the Earl, and is managing without much trouble at all, despite her growing belly. She saves a woman from a needless conviction of unfaithfulness and allows Siggy to serve in her household instead of being shunned by the entire village, which Athelstan helps along a little bit. All’s really well and good until out of freaking nowhere, she has a stillborn child in the middle of the night.

Add that to a list of things that are really not okay.

Catch the next episode of Vikings—next Sunday the 21th on History at 10/9c.

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