TV's Best Series Finales!


With May around the corner and the Fall to Spring shows wrapping up, I thought it would be time to cover some of the best series finales that have shown up on our TVs. After reading my favourites, let me know in the comments below what your favourite series finales are and which you’re most excited for this season end!



Friends S01 1080p BluRay x264-TENEIGHTYFriends is one of my all time favourite shows, so obviously it’s going to be in my favourite finales as well. Titled The Last One, it garnered over 50 million viewers in America, making it the fourth most watched series finale. While staying true to the series and its characters it also closed many of the big story lines that had continued from the beginning. Chandler and Monica had their twins and moved to suburbs. Ross finally admitted to Rachel his continuing love for her and she stayed in New York to restart their romance. Joey creates havoc when he traps a new duck and chick in the foosball table. Phoebe does her normal mad driving to get Ross to the airport on time, which goes terribly wrong. The final line of the episode is a quip from Chandler about where they’ll go for coffee, calling out their classic Central Perk coffee shop, as the apartment is left empty for one final moment. There have been plenty of rumours since the finale aired of reunion episodes, movies, and seasons, but they’ve never panned out. Hopefully one day soon they figure it out!


t100_tv_mash1M*A*S*H was an incredible show. From 1972-83, it went for 11 seasons when the war it was based on only went for three. That tells you something about how beloved the main character, Hawkeye, along with his fellow army doctors and crew were to everyone. Even now it’s still one of my favourite shows. They dealt with serious topics about war, the army, and other popular things of the time while also adding humour and fun to this episode in history. Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen was the title of the finale episode of this wonderful series and had many of the normal elements of an episode: humour, disagreements, and operations. It had almost 106 million viewers for the finale episode, which is the most watched finale in American history. The war was ending so everyone was about to be sent home but not before tearful goodbyes between the cast and definitely those watching at home. No matter how many times I watch, it gets me emotional. The fact I love this show so much is saying something, as I wouldn’t be alive until ten years after the finale aired.

Boy Meets World



boymeetsworld_514The Boy Meets World allowed a return to where it all began. In the final scene of the last episode Mr. Feeny returns to his middle school classroom where Cory, Topanga, and Sean all take their usual seats and Cory’s brother Eric hangs in the back. We get a final message, almost directly from Mr. Feeny to us, the audience, and it’s a poignant and emotional end to a show that shaped many peoples childhood.


This season a few shows have decided to wrap up, such as Gossip Girl, 90210, The Office, Spartacus, Breaking Bad, Jersey Shore, and 30 Rock. What are your favourite series finales, and which are you most excited for this year? Let me know in the comments below!


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