The Voice: Post Battle-Rounds: Interview with The Swon Brothers of Team Blake

The VoiceWell, the battle rounds are over for some, and we were fortunate enough to get to chat with the winners of Monday night’s Battles. The Swon Brothers have impressed both the judges and viewers – managing to be the first duo to make it this far on The Voice competition. Keep up with them on Twitter @TheSwonBrothers.

When you heard the song that you were going to be singing, were you confident of the outcome of the battle round?

Zach: I think we were initially confident just because it’s kind of our style. But then again, it kind of made us more nervous too because if somebody – it’d be like somebody beating us at our own game, you know, if he would’ve won. You know, it kind of – we were afraid it would’ve made us look that much worse. So it was kind of a Catch 22 there. It was – you know, we liked the song a lot, but we didn’t want to lose. I think it would’ve affected us and our confidence, but I don’t know? What do you think?The Voice - Season 4

Colton: Christian came in and absolutely nailed the song. And when that started happening, the nerves started to rise in us. So it [made the nerves rise], but it was – all around, I think it was a great battle and we couldn’t ask for a better song that Blake picked for us, so…

What is it that the viewers don’t know about the Swon brothers that they’re going to be finding out as the show goes on?

Zach: Well, we are – this is going to sound cheesy – but we’re pretty much an open book, I would say. We – and it’s a lot like Blake, you know – it’s kind of what you see is what you get. And… honestly, I don’t know. I just hope we keep going in the show, you know? You know, I’ll let Colton answer. He’s better at this than I am.

Colton: Hopefully, they find out basically that it’s not all about music for us. Hopefully, they find out that our main goal is to build relationships with people, not just to play music for them. So at the end of the day, that’s our goal is to love on people and just build friendships and relationships. Because without that, we wouldn’t have a career as artists… and that’s the truth.

Zach: See? I told you he was better at that.

What gives you the edge in the competition?

Colton: I would think the edge that we have definitely comes from the harmony – just the brother harmony – because some of these battles – some of these [battles and competitions] kind of get stressful and nervous and – so between the harmonies and just having the other person to lean on during this whole thing, I think that’s a big, big advantage. Because if you’re going through this alone, I can’t imagine doing this alone. It would be pretty tough without my brother.

The Voice - Season 4Zach: Just to add to that, I would say that it’s not so much an edge as it is that it’s something different. And my goal in this thing – obviously, we are not the best singers. We can’t even compare to like Judith, Karina, and just the people like (just wail). But I hope it’s different enough to be remembered. And that’s like the main thing that I want to get out of it is… I don’t want to fall through the cracks and be forgotten. And hopefully, we make a big enough difference that people will remember it.

Colton: But the main edge we will have is the support system I think. Our fans are the greatest on Earth. I’m telling you. It’s been crazy.

What was sort of the secret for you guys being the first duo to make it this far – and how did you overcome that tendency to make you guys almost like the background singers, which is what we’ve seen with some of the other duos that have been in battles?

Colton: Really, we don’t have any secrets or tips. But the main thing that we did before every battle is pray. That – we have relied on praying through this whole thing. And believe it or not, you know it’s calmed our nerves. It’s got us through all the stress, and that is the God honest truth. So, that’s the biggest tip or, I don’t know, inside secret you can get as far as to keep moving on in this thing. That’s what we’ve standed on this whole time.

Zach: I think the fact that we’ve done for so many years together – you know, it might not make us – we’re not the best duo that’s ever been on the show I’m sure, but I think we are just so comfortable with each other, it really helps us when it comes to high pressure situations, you know.  And I know that I could not be on that stage without him, and I wouldn’t want to. That’s the thing. I think we’re just – we just – I don’t know. I guess it’s just a comfort zone that we have with each other and it makes it easy.

Colton: I think a lot of duos that tried out for the show, maybe they hadn’t been a duo that long. Maybe they weren’t as comfortable. So maybe that’s something to do with it too. You know, we’ve done it together a whole lot. It wasn’t just something that we just did for the show or you know we started yesterday. This is something…

Zach: Our parents made us sing together.

That’s awesome. Was there anything that you learned from participating in this kind of unusual situation that you think you’ll be able to use going forward?

Colton: Blake has – honestly – does some great coaching with everyone, and he’s really been like a big brother and he’s teaching us so much on and off camera. So – I mean, there are ton of things – I’ll let my brother maybe get specific if you want to.The Swon Bros - The Voice - Season 4

Zach: I think the main thing that is going to help us going forward is just confidence, honestly. It’s just – this show starting from the beginning until now is just – has done nothing but help our confidence and help us figure out who we want to be and who we want to represent ourselves as for the public and stuff – and I think it’s just going to get better. It’s just going to get way more fun. Obviously, it’s tough to see people leave, but you know the less people are here, the more time you get with your coach and the more personal it gets, and I think it’s going to shine through. And like I said, Blake’s an Oklahoma guy and we connect. So I’m anxious to see what happens.

Could you talk about what was going through your minds when Blake was deciding between you and Christian? I know that he seemed to be having a bit of uncertainty of which way to go.

Zach: Honestly, it was just anxiety…. You know, it’s kind of bitter-sweet because you become friends with these people – and you don’t want to see them go home, but you don’t want to go home either. I think our biggest thing about it is, I mean, it’s a big part of the competition, but its small part in the long run. I think we just have a lot more that we want to show a bigger audience. A 90-second sharing a song with somebody is not… you know, we just have a lot more that we want to get out. So obviously, the only way to do that is to win the battle and to go on. So, it was just – it was nerve-wracking to say the least.

Colton: Watching Blake [listening to the] other coaches try to decide who they’d go with and their thoughts on the battle… first of all, my mouth got so cotton-mouthed, it wasn’t funny. It was really crazy how it instantly just became so dry. But sitting there watching and seeing him contemplate on the decision, that’s one of the best and worst feelings I’ve ever felt in my life because you’re just happy to be in that situation; at the same time, you just don’t want this thing to end. You didn’t want – you don’t want to go home as soon as you’re getting started you know.

So – and then – and I remember looking over at Christian and I know he was feeling the same thing. And – but just in that moment right there, you just feel – there’s a mixed emotion. It’s bitter-sweet and – but luckily, we were blessed enough for Blake to go with us. And when he finally said that we’d won, it was just like someone had lifted a weight off our shoulders now. But guess what? It starts all again this week, so it starts all over. But it’s a one of a kind feeling. That’s for sure.

Thanks for your time, guys, and good luck to you both moving forward.

Interview via conference call.

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