The Voice: Post Battle-Rounds: Interview with Karina Iglesias – Now on Team Shakira

The Voice

Though Karina Iglesias didn’t win Monday night’s battle round against Judith Hill, Shakira wasn’t willing to let her go home just yet, so she stole her for her team! We know we aren’t the only ones happy to see her remain on The Voice – especially after that amazing battle round – and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with her via conference call earlier this week. Follow her on Twitter: @karinaiglesias_.

I thought your battle was really fantastic. Everyone loved the Karate Bow. Did the two of you expect that the battle would be that epic? And did you both think that you’d probably both be safe regardless of the outcome?

Going into the battle for me, I mean yes. I mean I knew it was going to be epic. I mean, Judith is incredible. She’s an amazing talent and an amazing person that – and I’m going to give her the credit for the bow. That was her idea.

But you know going into it, I knew that it was going to be something special. And my goal was to just to stay on the show, and that’s exactly what happened and I couldn’t have written it better. So I’m glad I’m still here and I’m glad she’s still here. And I’m glad I don’t have to battle her again.

Can you talk about the advantage of having both Adam and now Shakira as a coach to mentor for you?

Oh, wow. Incredible. I think that the best thing that happened to me on the show was that I got stolen. I mean, not… we, the people that got stolen, are the few people that can say they’ve worked with not just one, but two mega-superstars. And to have – to be able to be under Shakira’s wing now I think is actually a better fit.

Initially, I wouldn’t have thought that way. But after she picked me and after you know being – having the change to work with her, she’s amazing. And, I think I’m right where I belong right now. So it’s actually a win/win. Definitely.

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