The Voice: Interview with Warren Stone of Team Adam

The Voice

Warren Stone, firefighter and country singer out of South Carolina, competed against Michael Austin in the Battle Rounds competition last week. Viewers and judges alike had a great time watching Warren and Michael perform “My Kinda Party” – and it was certainly a tough decision for Adam. In the end, Adam went with Warren because of his unique voice, and we spoke with him about that via conference call. Check out our interview below, and follow Warren on Twitter @wsmusicsc.

The Voice - Season 4Warren, given Adam’s comment that there’s more diversity in your voice, how do you plan to use that going forward?

To have him say that to me is a huge complement. But I mean it’s – that’s who I want to be as an artist. You know, I love country music but I also love all music. You know so I just think that I can use that to my advantage and be a very diverse country singer.

With the battles, a lot of the singers are singing songs out of their comfort zone. Obviously you and Michael Austin are country singers – do you feel that gave you both an advantage being country or would you rather have sang something from a different genre?

You know, it was a fun song and I live that song every day, but it was just – I don’t know – if I would have picked the song I wouldn’t have picked [that song], but I gave it 110%, and I’m still here. Mike is a great guy and a really good friend now, so we just… we really had a good time whenever we did The Voice - Season 4it. I mean, every practice that we had was just a blast. I don’t think I had an advantage by any means, but I gave it everything [and I’m] still here.

And do you think that your friendship with Michael Austin maybe made it more difficult?

It was – we both said that, before the battle, that we were going into this as friends and we were going to treat it just like we were doing a concert together. I think that’s what showed on stage last night… that we were just having a good time.

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