The Voice: Post-Battles Interview with Michelle Chamuel of Team Usher

The Voice

Michelle Chamuel auditioned with Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” turning the chairs of three coaches – and, with her unique way of reaching her decision, won over the audience at the same time. She ultimately chose to join Team Usher, and though her Battle Round with Chelsea Monindroo was montaged, you can get the studio version of the song through iTunes. We spoke with her via conference call after she won the Battle Round with the song “Titanium.” Don’t forget to follow Michelle on Twitter @michellechamuel.The Voice - Season 4

First of all, since your Battle Round was montaged, could you tell us a little bit about the battle, the practice rounds, how everything went there?

Yes absolutely. So, the tune that Chelsea and I were given was Titanium – and it was a monster of a tune. It took us a long time to get comfortable with it and really feel good, but I think the goal was for us to work together because music isn’t supposed to be divisive – and I don’t even know if that’s a word – but it’s not [meant] to divide people.

We both practiced on repeat singing the words “I am titanium” forever. We kind of got them under our belts and worked together to present the tune as if, when we sing together united, we would both be strong. Instead of being like “I’m stronger than you are, no I’m stronger than you are,” it was like “true strength comes from – especially in music and, I think, in life – unity”.

The Voice - Season 4So that was definitely something we both got into and it made the battles more fun for us because, you know, someone’s going to go home you might as well enjoy it what you’re doing on stage. As far as the way it came across, I’m not sure that that’s what the show exactly saw in it or what came out. But two of us had a really good time and did our best to rise with the challenge and walk away from it having learned more about how to sing something that’s challenging and how to work together.

On the show they kind of label you as introverted. However, in your Blind Audition, you really came alive on stage – and even in the montage we saw that you had a large stage presence when you perform. Do you feel that you are an introverted singer or would you describe yourself as something else?

That’s a really interesting question. I wouldn’t describe myself as an introverted singer but I would describe myself as an introverted person. I think singing is the time for me to [be more extroverted]. I think introversion and extroversion is a scale, so I don’t think I fall 100% introvert. There are parts of me that are reaching out that do get energy from connecting with people – and so I would say more I’m probably an extroverted singer and an introverted person maybe.

The Voice - Season 4I mean, that’s something that we’re actually working on because normally I play with a band, and so you can be really outgoing and make a whole lot of movements and connect with people – while also kind of still being an introvert – and that’s what I was able to do when I was playing with my band. We played, and the sound was so loud and there was so much happening and I was behind these big dark glasses that like I was really able to maintain that… putting the music between me and the audience.

Being on the show, I talked to Usher about this. It’s necessary for me to come out and present myself with the music. So I would say I am an introverted singer for sure because it’s really new for me to let people see me for who I am instead of hiding behind loud sounds or blending with other people or just, you know, covering up my eyes or… like, I used to perform with a hoodie – that was my thing – but I didn’t really want to be like that [on The Voice].


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