The Voice: Interview with Cathia – Now with Team Usher

The Voice

Cathia and Mary Miranda competed against each other in the Battle Rounds, moving the audience and the judges with their rendition of “Antes De Las Seis”. Though Mary Miranda ultimately won the round, Usher wasn’t about to let Cathia go after that amazing performance, so he used his last steal to pull her onto his team. We spoke with Cathia via conference call to talk about the team change. Follow her on Twitter @cathiasings.The Voice - Season 4

Usher turned a chair for you during the blind auditions and you went with Shakira – but now you’re on his team. So what are your thoughts on working with him now like what do you hope to learn from him?

I’m really… first of all I’m really excited! Working with Usher from the beginning, he fought really hard for me to join his team and I did contemplate it just because my vocal background I grew up listening to a lot of soul music and R&B music, so I’m just really excited to see how he works with my voice and what I can improve on. He’s such an amazing vocalist as well, so I’m really excited and I look forward to working with him. It’s an awesome opportunity.

You were obviously surprised by the being the last steal for Team Usher. However, viewers kind of got the impression that he would choose you as you guys were the last performance for the night. Did you have any inkling that you would be the last person stolen?

The Voice - Season 4I actually didn’t know because when we’re backstage, we don’t know whether [all the steals] have all been taken. Things are said, but you don’t really know what is the truth behind it, so I honestly went on stage and I did the performance and once Mary was named the winner I was like, “okay this was it.” You could see me crying, and I just kept repeating to myself, “it’s okay stop crying.”

And… he didn’t press his button when Carson announced that there was a steal, so I [didn’t know if there was a steal available or not]. Then when I walked off stage he still hadn’t done it until I got all the way to the bottom. So it was extremely surprising for me. I really didn’t know. It’s like whirlwind kind of emotions… kind of like a rollercoaster. I’m just really excited and happy that I got the second chance I did.


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