The Voice: Interview with Audrey Karrasch of Team Usher

The Voice

Nevada-born, alternative/pop artist Audrey Karrasch competed against Jamila Thompson in the Battle Rounds last week. Though their Battle Round was montaged, we did get to see that Audrey Karrasch pulled through. We spoke with her in a conference call to talk about her thoughts on being montaged and future competitions. Read the interview below, and follow her on Twitter @audreykarrasch.

We didn’t get to see a lot of your battle. Can you tell us a little bit about what happened and a little bit about why you think you were selected to go on?

The Voice - Season 4My performance was really nerve-racking. It was a really hard song choice. I think that Usher was really ambitious when choosing that song. It was definitely a challenge. I couldn’t have been paired with someone better though. Jamila has such a great attitude and she’s extremely talented and such a powerful voice. But it was – that battle was such a challenge.

I’m not upset that I was montaged. The only thing I do wish was that people could have seen more of Jamila’s performance because my first episode was aired and I know that she had been montaged before in the past. And she has such a great voice, so I wish that she had more time to be featured.

It wasn’t the best performance but I’m still happy to be here.

Having your battle round montaged, do you think that that hurts your chances at all moving forward?

It’s kind of a little bit what I said before. I do wish that Jamila could have been showed more. Her performance wasn’t the greatest, but that’s the risk that you take going into this competition, you’re going to have good performances and bad ones.

The Voice - Season 4I won the battle, so I’m happy to be here and there’s nothing that I would change about it. I wish that – I don’t know – I have kind of mixed feelings about it right now. All I can say is that I’m just grateful and thankful to be here. But I do wish that people could have seen more of Jamila’s performance because she was outstanding.

At some point in the future, you and Josiah are going to be competing against each other. How do you see that competition – especially because you’re not only on the same team, but a male and a female – does that present any special challenges?”

I completely agree with what Josiah said. And it’s not even just for team Usher, I mean even if we were to make it past these next rounds, or you know whatever, you know that we’re all competing amongst each other and we all become great friends. So that really is the, I guess the hardest pill – biggest pill to swallow. It’s hard, but as Josiah said, the only thing you can really do and the one thing you have control over is your own performance… so that’s the one thing you can really focus on.

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