‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Episode 4.20 “The Originals”

The Originals

The CW network recently picked up the spin-off series, The Originals, for its first season and after this episode that serves as a backdoor pilot for the new series; it’s not hard to see why.  Like The Vampire Diaries, it’s a TV show about vampires but the energy, setting, and cast sets the show apart from other vampire shows.

This episode reveals a surprisingly minimal amount of the usual Mystic Falls crew, as the focus is mostly on The Original family and their possible return to New Orleans.

Jane-Anne and SophieJane-Anne and her sister, Sophie, are two witches on a mission to reach Klaus.  In order to do this, they set their eyes on Hayley – remember the cheeky werewolf who had a brief stint in Klaus’s bed?  The witches mislead Hayley to the woods and with some impressive witchy joo joo, they leave her stranded and capture her.

 “Witches aren’t allowed to do magic here.  She broke the rules.” ~ Marcelle

Thanks to Katherine’s letter of warning, Klaus is on a road trip to New Orleans to track down the witch plotting against him.  He discovers that not only has his old friend, Marcelle, taken over the town, but also reset the rules between vampires, humans, and witches – rules completely different to those of Mystic Falls.  For Marcelle, life is minus the werewolves, witches who rule, and complications and only about blood and partying.

The OriginalsMarcelle kills Jane-Anne for practicing witchcraft – something he’s forbidden in his town.  Her death is quick and brutal but sadly, it ends the life of a very likeable character all too quickly.  Klaus tracks down Sophie who refuses to talk to him because of Marcelle’s entourage of men in tow.  When Klaus discovers that Marcelle is having him followed, tensions rise between the two vamps that ignite a power struggle of note.


Haley“This pregnancy is one of nature’s loop holes.” ~ Sophie

Sophie  is attacked by two of Marcelle’s men.  Enter Elijah to the rescue.  He’s handsome, calm, and all confidence and swiftly deals with her attackers without ruffling a single hair on his head.  Elijah manages to convince Klaus to listen to Sophie whose mission is to destroy Marcelle – on her terms.  They bring in Hayley and make an astonishing revelation – there’s going to a mini Klaus in The Original family!  Wow.  Apparently Klaus’s werewolf side is able to procreate and procreate it did!  Sophie threatens to kill Hayley and the baby, demanding that Klaus sides with the witches.   He storms off – because no one tells Klaus Mikealson what to do.  Klaus is on a warpath and confronts Marcelle, biting one of his minions.

 Klaus and Elijah“I want what he has.  I want to be King.” ~ Klaus

Thanks to Klaus’s desire to be Vampire King, and with a little convincing from Elijah, Klaus decides to return to New Orleans to regain his rightful place as head of the vamp clan.  His game plan?  To cement a place for himself in Marcelle’s world, starting with his day walkers.  As for baby Klaus?  According to Klaus, “every King needs an heir”.

“How hungry does she have to be before we can torture some feelings back into her?” ~ Damon

Elena’s desiccating in the Salvatore basement and the two brothers have cooked up a plan to jar her emotions by using fear as the trigger.  She’s weak, hungry, and exhausted, but still as feisty as ever, challenging them to a game of vamp endurance.

Points to Ponder …

Marcelle is a charming character that has the ability to look friendly and menacing all in one go.  It’s not often we see Klaus out of his depth and this particular vampire has given Klaus a challenge like no other.  It’ll be interesting to see how Marcelle pans out once Klaus really gets mad.

Who is the mysterious blonde bartender that Klaus meets in New Orleans and will we see more of her?

How does this new development influence the spark between Klaus and Caroline?

Is Hayley and the baby really here to stay?

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