PCFF In Review


The Projecting Change Film Festival has wrapped up and in its wake are some enlightened and engaged Vancouverites. The festival was definitely a success, including lots of school-aged children during the youth events and inspiring curiosity in everyone who attended. This year had 16 film screenings including some newly debuted films along with slightly older ones. Although it’s hard to choose, here are my favourite moments from this years festival!

Kicking It 



Kicking It was the opening night film that inspired such a high level of compassion in the audience. This film from 2008 about the Homeless Soccer World Cup in South Africa was beyond touching. Every player and coach was loveable, providing humour and hope at times and distress at others. Surprisingly there was no antagonist, which was strange but also empowering. Yes this film is about homelessness and poverty, where one would normally expect a film directed at what is wrong, but instead the audience was made to enjoy watching these homeless men play soccer, be happy, and hopefully come away with success. The camaraderie seen between the different nationalities was inspiring. My thoughts upon leaving the theatre and the reactions from others during the week showed that this was one of the best screenings the festival had. Another great moment was during the panel discussion later, where we met a woman who was on the Canadian homeless team last year in Paris and now has turned her life around. The realization that this event goes on in Canada but I’ve never even heard of it was really astounding.


Girl Rising


Girl Rising is a new documentary that recently screened at Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins, it tells the story of nine incredible women from nine different countries in the world. Each segment is written by different writers with different renowned actresses narrating the segments. Some of the stories are more memorable than others, such as an Egyptian girl who stabs a rapist, but it generally comes off as an inspiring film that pushes a little too hard to show the need for goodness.


Global Sorority 



Global Sorority is the first mini-documentary in the series. In this first part, Tia and Loretta went to Uganda, Italy, and Ireland to talk with women and show that no matter where they are or what the station in life is, all women have the ability to inspire and change their world. This film first screened at the closing night gala of this festival to great support.



What were your favourite events of the festival? Let me know in the comments below!

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