Interview with The Dani Jamerson Band

Dani J

Michigan native, Dani may be new to the music scene, but she poses incredible talent. This up and coming country star could potentially be the world’s next Shania Twain or Miranda Lambert. Her band mates include Scott Dana, Rob Parsons and Garrett Jamerson. Read our interview with Dani below. We discuss her musical inspirations, her celeb crush and her most embarrassing moment! Be sure to follow Dani on Twitter and ‘like’ her on Facebook.

What was it like playing your first live show?

“I actually don’t remember when my first show was! I’m sure I was excited though… I don’t ever get very nervous.”

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

“My biggest musical inspirations are women like the Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert…women who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries a little bit. Also, my newest inspiration is Kacey Musgraves. She’s just so dang talented and original!”

Favorite song to perform?

“My favorite original song to perform is probably Dirty Boys or My Next Boyfriend. My Next Boyfriend has been getting a lot of airplay on the radio in my area and a lot of people know the words, so it’s always cool to see people sing along with lyrics I wrote. We do a mashup of Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me by Keith Urban and Domino by Jessie J, and that’s probably my favorite song to cover. It’s just so fun to go from a country song and then break into this really pop groove.”

If you could do a collaboration with any of the artists you’ve covered who would you pick and why?

“Oh boy…this one is tough. I’m gonna choose three because there’s NO WAY I could just choose one. Haha. Either Lee Brice, Miranda Lambert, or John Mayer. Lee, because he’s probably my favorite guy singer out there right now. Miranda, because I think she’s so badass and crazy and I love it. Haha. And John, because he’s gorgeous and has such a way with words.”

Girly question! Who is your celebrity crush?

“I love girly questions! Okay…I’m gonna go with Tim Tebow. He counts as a celeb, right? I’ve got a weakness for football players and guys that love God. And I love how he is just SO sure  of who he is, no matter how much criticism he gets for it. Plus, holy muscles. ;)”

Your favorite place that you have traveled to?

“Well, I love Nashville, obviously. But my FAVORITE place is a little town called Hermann in Missouri. My dad’s whole side of the family lives there, and it’s just beautiful. I’ve always said that when I get older and if I ever earn a lot of money, I’m going to buy a vacation house there.”

How does it feel seeing people sing along to your original songs at a show?

“SO DANG COOL! I just get the biggest smile on my face because its so surreal to me. “

Favorite place to go and write/play music?

“Unless I’m cowriting, I always write in my room. If I’m writing with someone, the location varies. I wish I was one of those people that had a specific “writing spot” like in the middle of the woods or something, but I don’t. Haha.”

Which song of yours has the most personal meaning and why if you don’t mind sharing with us?

“It’s a song called You Know Who You Are. It’s a song I wrote as a “thank you” song to my family and fans for supporting me. My family is the most important thing in my life, and I’d be no where without them. It’s the only ballad we put on my CD we just recently put out, and the way we produced it sounds exactly how I hoped it would be.”

Funniest/Most embarrassing moment of one of your shows?

“Oh gosh…this happens a lot. I’m really awkward like 90% of the time, so I embarrass myself a lot. Haha. One that everyone always teases me about though happened last summer. I was doing a festival in the afternoon and we had a show that same night so between songs I advertised it. Instead of saying “Come on out to M89 Sports Bar tonight” like I meant to say, I said “Come on out to M89 Sports BRA tonight”. And to make it worse, my mom shouted from the audience, “Yeah, come support us!” It was hilarious.”




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