Interview with Four Minute Mile


I recently got to interview Kevin Hart from Four Minute Mile, a punk band based out of Washington. We discuss favourite songs, playing in Lancaster, and lots of new music.

How’d you come up with your band name, Four Minute Mile?
KH: The Get Up Kids. Around the time I started this band with a member who isn’t in the band anymore, we were thinking of bands we both agreed on and it just seemed to fit at the time.

What has been the best moment so far?
KH: Our first tour we played a few shows with Forever Came Calling from Twenty Nine Palms, California, and they are a band everyone in Four Minute Mile really loves and respects so that was pretty cool. Our EP release show for Indian Summer was with bigger metalcore bands from our area so a lot of people came out. That was pretty awesome too. 

You recently released your new EP ‘Bridges/Streetlights,’ what is your favourite song off of it?
KH: I like Camellia or Grey most. I think they are the best songs we’ve released so far. 

What is your writing process like?
KH: For the most part, Sebastian and myself come up with a guitar riff or a rough structure idea and we jam on it together. After we’ve done that, we show Sean and Lawton the song at practice and we just sort of play it until we’re happy with it. Devon comes in later after we’ve recorded a rough demo with vocal ideas, more jamming, and then it’s done. 
How did each of you realize you wanted to do music, and then how did you find each other?
KH: My older brother and brother in law have been playing in local punk bands since I was a little guy, and I sort of just wanted to emulate them. I think I’ve met every member of FMM through our local music scene. Sean used to help run sound for shows I’d book, Devon’s old band played with my old band that Lawton also played in, and Sebastian played in a local punk band and booked shows. Everyone else either moved away to college or got married, so we were sort of who was left.
What would you suggest to someone wanting to get into music?
KH: Don’t do it. It’ll leave you broke and jobless. 
This question is from twitter user @bummerprincess “When are you going to write a song about me being your biggest fan circa Indian summer?”
KH: Oh my god, Alex rules. If I wrote lyrics still, I would be more than happy to write a song about that. Get at Devon!
You’re doing a West coast tour in May, where would you like to perform the most?
KH: I’m really looking forward to playing in Lancaster with our friends in Dead End Alaska. If you’re not familiar, check that band out. I’m also excited to play in Las Vegas simply because I’ve never been there before.
Other than the tour, what’s next for you?
KH: We’ve already started writing for a full length, but there may be a couple small releases between now and then. I think everyone in our band plays in other bands, so as people we will be releasing a lot of music this year even if it’s not as Four Minute Mile.
Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?
KH: Thanks for reading this! Please check out Honorable Mention, Trey The Ruler, and Better Days Records.
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