Interview with Brother Octopus


When you hear the words ‘brother ‘and ‘octopus’ in the same sentence, what do you think of?  Well from now on, you’ll be thinking of this band! With such a unique sound, look and lyrics, this band has created a new genre for all their listeners. We had honor to speak to Brother Octopus himself, so check out our interview below!

This might be the most cliche question out there, but we do have to ask, how did you come up with your band name?

“Well, throughout my years of my involvement in music, I’ve been able to become quite skillful on many instruments such as guitar, drums and keyboards. Using my tentacles to their advantage, I was able to simultaneously perform and so the name ‘Octopus’ was discovered. As for ‘Brother’, I couldn’t tell you, but all the interesting nonetheless, wouldn’t you say?”

 What is the message you are trying to send through your music?

” Life is too short for seriousness! Have fun, be playful and laugh as you dance to our tunes. As you might notice, we’re not too serious when we write our lyrics. However, we are mega serious about music in general. Our goal is to create sensible music that is pleasure to the ears while creating a playful experience through our lyrics.”

What was it like being in AP magazine?

“An honor  I’ve been a subscriber to Alternative Press for as long as I can remember and to finally become a part of the magazine was an honorable experience! It’s probably one of our most major accomplishments to date and we’ve been able to reach out to fans that may never have heard of us. I’m still kind of awestruck.”

 Favorite animal you’ve sang about and why?

“Alright, I’ll come clean. Although I adore animals of all kinds, I’m truly  a lover of the feline species so that would include tigers, lions, cheetahs and even tabby’s. I was extremely excited to write the track “Recreational Zoo” because it was a chance to include all the animals that are dear to me.”

Do you have any pets?

“Yes, 2 cats, 1 dog and a bunny named Boris. In fact, if you recall our first EP entitled ‘Yukilo’, the first and last tracks are about our dog named ‘Yuki’ and our cat named ‘Kilo’. They’re short tracks (around 1 minute in length) but we had such a blast recording those ones. Even on the cover art you can see half of their faces. Those cuties.”

Coolest thing that has happened to your band so far?

 “Well, we’ve recently been nominated for best ‘Electronic Recording Of The Year’ through the Edmonton Music Awards and been featured inside Alternative Press Magazine. Besides that, I recall a time last summer, we we’re playing a festival in Edmonton called ‘The Works Festival’ and we were still pretty fresh to the music scene. We had just finished our 45 minute set and were heading off the stage when a guy came and handed us $20 and said he loved the show and our music. It’s too bad we didn’t have any merchandise at the time to give to him but his encouragement was appreciated, I don’t think I’ll forget that.”

What band would you love to play with or get the attention of?

 “The XX would be pretty awesome to tour with but I’ve also been listening to Rah Rah lately and they sound like they would be a fun time! It’s sometimes hard to find fitting shows with our sound since it’s not very common but different is good!”

You were compared to the Bloodhound Gang, do you agree with this?

“Perhaps our music can be compared to their sound but I think our lyrics are somewhat different. Yes, we both write lyrics that are silly and fun but we generally like to keep our lyrics clean. I don’t think you’ll ever hear Brother Octopus writing lyrics like “So put your hands down my pants and I’ll bet you’ll feel nuts. Yes I’m Siskel, yes I’m Ebert and you’re getting two thumbs up””

Since most of your music is on the topic of animals, biggest pet peeve?

 “Sharks. I typically prefer to stay away from those guys since they’ll probably eat me at any chance they get and I’d like to keep making music for awhile.”

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