Despising Clark Kent



I remember the first time I saw Superman: The Movie I thought that Clark Kent was ultimately more impressive than Superman.  Who cared if he could fly and light things on fire with his eyes.  He was always having to hide who he was from people and frankly I thought being a reporter was much cooler.

I know. I know.  I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with me too.

Plus I didn’t really understand why he liked Lois as much as he did.  She was loud, bossy, and could never see what was right in front of her face.  Which in my book made her a pretty lousy reporter.  I mean seriously he puts on a pair of glasses and all of a sudden no one, especially the woman who loves him, knows that he isn’t Superman.  I call bullshit.

But this isn’t about that Clark Kent.  No, this is about that other Clark Kent.  Yeah you know the one I’m talking about.  The one from the CW’s Smallville.  After 10 seasons I just wanted to punch that guy in the face.  He was such a douche.

He was constantly getting on to other people about the need for honesty and getting mad at them because they had secrets.  Especially when it came to Lex Luthor. But he lied to pretty much every person he ever met and we’re supposed to think he is a role model? I don’t think so. Maybe if he had just been a little more forth-coming or hell just told Lex he was a meteor freak he probably would have backed off.

But noooooo Clark had to be cagey and dishonest over and over and over again.  No wonder Lex ended up wanting to see the end of Clark.  Hell so did I.

In fact I was actively cheering for Lex to not only find out Clark’s secret but to lock him in a lead and green kryptonite lined room and leave his ass there.  So you can imagine my disappointment when that didn’t happen.   What does it say about a character when you are rooting for his archenemy to pier 52 his ass?  Sorry that’s a GH reference.  Essentially it means to get rid of him.  Dump him off the pier in to the river.  Whatever, you get what I mean.

So yeah I despise Clark Kent.  Whiny ass daddy’s boy.  He needs to man the frak up and quit bitching.

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