A Rocket To The Moon "Wild & Free" Album Review


A Rocket To The Moon released their third album on March 26th of this year. ARTTM is an indie rock band from Massachusetts that was formed in 2006. The current band members are Nick Santino the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Justin Richards back up vocals and guitarist, Eric Halvorsen also playing a part in back up vocals and bassist, and last but not least the drummer Andrew Cook. The latest album has a different feel to it than previous records, but we still have the smooth vocals to swoon to with each song.

Wild & Free seems to have more of a country pop cross over style to it than anything I’ve heard from them before. There is a lot of country twang to the songs and after listening to the first few I almost thought I had the wrong band. Of course the songs are still amazing, no bad music from ARTTM on this album, I was just completely surprised at the turn around the sound had made. With that said there were songs on the album that sounded like previous things I’ve heard from ARTTM and of course those are my favorite. Ever Enough and I Do have the slow acoustic sounds to them that some might be used to from the band. Also the song Another Set Of Wings is definitely a song with a ton of meaning behind it that will have a huge connection for some fans out there.

Singles off the album that you can be sure to look for on the radio are Whole Lotta You, Going Out, & Ever Enough. I like this new album from ARTTM and I am very curious to see if they are actually going to stay an indie rock band or possibly switch over to some other genre of music. Either way we can expect great things from them with this album and in the future as well I am sure.

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