'Survivor' 26×05 "Persona Non Grata" — Brandon Spills the Beans


Last week, the reward and immunity challenges were divided with Bikal winning both. After the reward challenge, Shamar (from Gota) left for medical reasons due to some scratches on his eye. At tribal council, there was a unanimous vote to get rid of Laura, the weakest member of Gota.

Reward Challenge:

Two members of each tribe will hold onto a rope attached to a net while the other tribe tries to shoot coconuts into said net. As more coconuts land in the next it gets heavier until members can no longer hold onto the ropes. The team with the member holding on last wins the reward. This week, the reward is a barbecue. Sausage, steaks, veggies, condiments, and even some wine to go along with it. This week, Bikal has three extra members to sit out. Andrea, Dawn, and Erik end up sitting out challenge.

Phillip and Brandon hold the nets for Bikal leaving Malcolm, Cochran, Brenda, and Corinne to throw, while Gota enlists Michael and Matt to hold the nets, so Sherri, Reynold, Eddie, and Julie are throwing. Coconuts start going into the nets pretty easily, so it seems the challenge is really who can hold on the longest. When Sherri comes up to throw next, Phillip hollers some sort of war cry which confuses her so she misses the net. Reynold starts picking on Brandon’s net which works really well, Jeff Probst says Sherri is worthless in the challenge, Michael and Matt are struggling to hang on for Gota and the coconuts keep coming. Brandon is the first to let go for Bikal leaving Phillip in charge of this challenge. Malcolm starts challenging Matt who drops his net for Gota soon after. Phillip and Michael start struggling but Michael drops his net first leaving Bikal to win another challenge. No matter how much Phillip might be crazy he’s so useful in those challenges and fun during camp time.


Gota (Orange/Fans):

All the tribe seems to be rather calm now that Shamar is gone and Reynold doesn’t have an idol, it’s like one happy family. After they get back from another defeat at a reward challenge everyone is on the lookout for the idol. Sherri is mad they voted off Laura because the muscle clearly isn’t working, but neither would loyalty. As everyone says they don’t want Reynold to find the idol he goes and finds it for the second time. He’s definitely my favourite on Gota because even though he’s way down in numbers he’s stuck in there pretty well.

Bikal (Purple/Favourites):

Over at BikalBrandon starts thinking about his family and decides he wants to be voted out at next tribal. The next morning, Brandon has completely changed his outlook saying he’ll stick in there to win the money for them. After the reward challenge, he was sullen as Phillip took responsibility for winning (because he did) until talking with Phillip and smoothing things over after squabbling about other things. When they get tree mail, Phillip discusses sending Brandon home by throwing the challenge, but Brandon gets word of it and gives everyone a reason to vote him out. All episode Brandon has been at this precipice, and after his chat with Phillip he falls, spilling all the beans and rice out. Do they forfeit the challenge not to waste their energy and vote Brandon out, or continue playing because you never forfeit a challenge?

Immunity Challenge:

Before we get to the immunity challenge, we get some discussions. How did the rain effect Gota? How is fatigue effecting morale at Bikal? Most importantly, how is Brandon doing? When asked, he says he had a “bit of an outburst this morning with Phillip” then asks Jeff if he can talk to the other tribe. This is certainly new and doesn’t bode well for anyone. Even Jeff is surprised by what’s going on, but Brandon proceeds to tell Gota this is their opportunity for a comeback ending in Corinne forfeiting the challenge for Bikal. The challenge looked so interesting that I’m mad they’re doing this but it looks like tribal is coming early as Brandon starts yelling at Corinne.

I guess this week they get a challenge council instead of tribal, which is fine by me. Brandon stands next to Jeff and starts complaining about Phillip’s Stealth’R’Us alliance, feeding himself, and how everybody hates him. He’s stopped by Jeff asking for a rebuttal from Phillip, but Andrea starts crying before Phillip can get fully fired up. Bikal looks embarrassed by the outburst as Gota is shocked by this turn of events. Although this big of a meltdown doesn’t allow time for Cochran’s witty comments I’d love to know his take on all this. Brandon starts in on another tirade about Phillip’s perfection which starts them in on a yelling match. Jeff has to physically hold onto Brandon so a physical fight won’t get started. Brandon reveals he dumped the rice and beans out to help Gota come back in it so Bikal will starve as well, and then Russell is brought up. Oh how I miss Russell, he was definitely the better Hantz brother because he could handle this show and was one of the best schemers. When Phillip brings up Brandon’s kids that definitely takes it too far, he knows that can only end in his death.

Jeff decides to get back to the basics of this council. The immunity idol is handed over to the fans, and tribal council starts right now. Jeff starts to massage Brandon’s neck, trying to keep him calm enough that he won’t kill some favourites. We go through everyone on the tribe, calling out who they’ll vote for, and apart from Brandon’s vote for Phillip it’s an easy vote for Brandon to be sent home. I wouldn’t want to be the cameraman following Brandon out though…

After that dramatic episode, can anything really top it? Hopefully not, but the next one seems to be pretty big as well. Next Episode Phillip plans to take out Corinne as she wants to take out Phillip, and Jeff Probst has a surprise for everyone.

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