'Survivor' 26.06 "Operation Thunder Dome" — Phillip Makes the Big Move


Last week, Reynold found another hidden immunity idol after playing his in the previous tribal council. Bikal won another reward challenge, but after the reward Brandon went crazy dumping out their rice and beans. In the week’s twist Bikal chose not to do the challenge and go straight to tribal but when Brandon started getting unruly they voted him out on the spot and went back to camp.

New Tribes:

New Gota (Orange):

Everyone gets an egg to smash on their body with a colour inside. The new Gota consists of Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Malcolm, Sherri, Erik, and Brenda. Gota is now the strong tribe predicted to win challenges. Each team gets an extra bag of rice so clearly this swap was all because of Brandon. Back at camp they’re smiley and confident about challenges. Four favourites and three fans but it doesn’t mean alliances will follow suit as the preview for next week shows. There’s a good chance they’ll make it to the merge without going to tribal anyway. Sherri talks with Brenda and Andrea while Eddie and Reynold talk with Malcolm and Erik all selling each other out. Malcolm


starts plotting about his immunity idol and how to use the fans to his advantage. Looks like he’ll be trying some major strategizing in the next few weeks!

New Bikal (Purple):

The new Bikal is Phillip, Corinne, Michael, Matt, Cochran, Julia and Dawn. From this team I only like Cochran and we didn’t even get much out of his this week. Phillip immediately starts discussing an alliance swap with Julia but she doesn’t immediately fall in line. Corinne dislikes Phillip’s strategy and starts complaining to Dawn about it. Corinne and Phillip seem to me adamant about wanting each other gone so we’ll see how that plays out in coming weeks as well.

Immunity Challenge:

We finally get to see the immunity challenge we missed out on last week. Two members race to role a crate with their tribes colors back across the line. The next two go until all six crates are across the line. Then, they must use all the crates to build a staircase which spells fans vs favourites on the side. First tribe to finish wins immunity.

imagehandler.axdPhillip and Julia are first on Bikal to get a crate but they make slow work of it while Erik and Eddie quickly bring theirs back. The entire Gota team falls into an easy rhythm on this challenge. Gota gets quite a lead and laps Bikal when collecting crates. Phillip is forced to go out for a third time, twice in a row, when there was miscommunication on Bikal. Gota is still working quickly with great teamwork to get the crates up the stairs. Julia is calling the shots for Bikal as Malcolm does for Gota. He’s certain he’s right on the placement and they get an even bigger lead. It’s basically turned into an argument at the end when no one on Bikal will accept someone else’s ideas. Gota puts their last block in place as Bikal realizes their first block was in the wrong spot allowing Gota an easy win. Even host Jeff Probst points out how pathetic Bikal‘s effort was.

Tribal Council:

After a horrible loss during the immunity challenge, Bikal preps for tribal council. Phillip and Corinne know they can’t vote each other out just yet and latch onto Michael and Matt upon realizing they can turn them. Phillip and Corinne want them to vote off Julia, but Dawn and Cochran think that splitting up the ‘power couple’ of Michael and Matt would be wiser. Could Corinne be any more annoying? I understand why we haven’t spoken to her much up until now.

vo_mattDuring Tribal with Jeff, Corinne reveals she loves her gay Michael and would replace at least three people in her alliance with the three fans. Not all true, but enough of a shock that it upsets Phillip. A hidden idol conversation comes up about whether Matt or any of the other fans have an idol and it seems to worry Matt more. Cochran raises the point that they need to stay strong so the other tribe doesn’t connect better for the merge, but that doesn’t really help anything.

The votes go 4-2-1 Matt-Julia-Dawn showing that all the favourites switched to Cochran’s decision of voting off Matt. How will that effect their tribe for challenges?


Next Episode Phillip talks about how physically strong he is but does fulfill his goals in the challenge, and Malcolm plans to take control of the game.

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