Interview with the Band of the Week: Zerbin

Zerbin: Peter, Nick, Jason, and Derek. [Image Courtesy of HerPhotographyBlog]
Zerbin: Peter, Nick, Jason, and Derek.
[Image Courtesy of HerPhotographyBlog]
I got to chat with Zerbin before their show last Thursday, March 28. We sat down at Romano’s Pizza to discuss their new EP, style, shows, and what’s next for them.

Although not in the band full time, Derek Gust fits in quite well. After an initial chat about the Edmonton Oilers for Derek or Vancouver Canucks for Nick and I (at least Vancouver gets into the playoffs) which Peter was wholly uninterested in, we discuss the terrible driving in downtown Vancouver and how Derek and Peter need to move over from Edmonton.

It was really casual and they’re just as friendly in person as they seem up on stage. Peter was goofing around the entire time, giving silly answers and keeping everything light. “I don’t like to be funny when someone puts me up to it,” but Nick puts him up to it quite often, if today was any indication. At least today he wasn’t put up to do any accents like during Tuesday’s concert where he created a persona with a British accent.

They were all brought to music through different things. Nick had been working through other things, even in school to be a police officer, and had always enjoyed playing music until he found himself doing only that. Peter and Derek had played together in high school and continued from there. Nick pointed out “Peter’s never even had a job other than music” apart from handing out flyers, working in a store, and other similar jobs. Jason had a calling for music: “I don’t think I could ever do anything other than this.”

Soon, Zerbin will be releasing a new EP, Touch. “There’s five songs. Three upbeat and two slow. Well, mellow. We don’t know when just yet, but we should within a few weeks. It’ll come out soon” (Peter). Most of their songs so far have been written solely by Jason Zerbin: “I normally just sit down with an instrument and see where it goes from there. Our new song, Shoulder, I mostly wrote that on my own then brought it to Peter [Mol] where we worked on some cool guitar rifts together. It’ll be really interesting to sit down all together to work out the new songs. Very different.”

They’re already looking ahead of the EP, though. “We’re going to be putting out a full length CD again soon. This EP was just songs we already had going and wanted to release. We’ll start working on that soon, recording it,” (Jason). They also have more shows in the works. “We’ll be doing some more Canadian tours, possibly going into the US as well. We hope to head across to Europe next year.” And for those fans wanting Zerbin back at Rifflandia music festival again this year? You’ll just have to wait and see. “It isn’t planned. We’d love to come back though! Put in a good word, the fans demand us!”

But until then, they’ll have more shows like tonight’s at Joe’s Apartment in downtown Vancouver. Nick still gets nervous before every show. “It would be weird if I didn’t.” But they all have a few pre-show rituals to help.
Jason: Hair, prayer, care… bear…?
Peter: Dares…?
Derek: We have random dance parties beforehand!
Jason Zerbin. [Image Courtesy of HerPhotographyBlog]
Jason Zerbin.
[Image Courtesy of HerPhotographyBlog]
Look below for more of the Zerbin interview!
What are your favourite songs to perform?
Jason: I really like Shoulder at the moment. Probably because its so new. I used to like New Earth but it needs to have something and it just didn’t on Tuesday.
Nick: Take Your Heart is hit or miss.
Jason: Definitely. I don’t like playing Miracles, from the new EP. Well, I do, it’s just harder to sing.
Nick: I like the song Touch, off the new EP, we haven’t done it live though.
Jason: You do?
How would you define your personal style?
Jason: Oh, Nick always has the best answer on this one!
Nick: I don’t shop in stores anymore, I shop online for comfortable, fitting clothes. It’s like indie fashion meets comfortable.
Derek: Personally I like sales, anything on the clearance rack… I like the basic colours… black, brown… simple designs with a touch of detail. Like buttons on a shoulder (indicating his shirt).
Jason: Derek is lucky, clothes don’t make him look good, he makes them look good.
Derek: That’s untrue, but thank you
Peter: I’m exactly the opposite. Clothes don’t do me justice, I look best without any.
What music do you have on your iTunes?
Jason: Peter is the one with the interesting stuff!
Peter: St Vincent, Passion Pit… the list goes on
Jason: I know St Vincent!
Peter: No you don’t!
Do you have a message for your fans?
Derek: Thank you! We do this first for our love of music, but second for the fans. We really do appreciate your support and thank you for always helping us!
Peter: Thank you!
Derek: We look forward to seeing you tonight!
Nick: We love you!
But after a few big bites of pizza and some friendly, loving punches they’re on their way to a radio performance before the show. For photos from the show, check out herphotographyblog/zerbin and to learn more about Zerbin, our Band of the Week, check out their Facebook page.
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