Band of the Week: This Wild Life

This Wild Life


Genre: Pop Punk

Location: Long Beach, CA


Bio: This Wild Life is a pop rock band from Long Beach, California. They have released two albums, Heart Flop and Pop Shove It, since starting out in early 2011. The band consists of Kevin Jordan, vocals and guitar; Mikey Hoefnagel, guitar; Anthony Del Grosso, drums; and Alex Bemis, bass. Anthony and Kevin are about to set out on an acoustic tour with Rival Summers at the end of March. They have recently played a show in Vegas with City Lights.

Why they’re band of the week: They have made some waves in the pop/punk scene in the past year or so and are on track to make a few more! They are a hard working band that has an undying love for what they do! They are also very versatile, not only do they play pop/punk music they also have an incredible acoustic sound. Lead singer Kevin and drummer Anthony have a bunch of videos up on YouTube of them playing many of their songs along with a few covers acoustically. You don’t see such versatility in many bands this day and age and it’s a nice fresh breath of air!

Check out their music!

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