‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Episode 4.12 “A View To Kill”

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A cancelled decade dance, a death of an original, the return of vervain, the morning after “a sordid little tryst” … and all’s well in Mystic Falls. (Sadly, there’s still no sign of Caroline or Tyler.)

Kol“If you want a truce, open the door and invite me in.”~ Kol

Elena has a plan. Lure Kol into a meeting under false pretenses with offers of a fake truce – and kill him. To prevent the wrath of an angry sibling, she suggests to Stefan that they stake Rebekah. Really? Again? Elena hauls in Stefan, Matt and Jeremy to help her pull off her plan. Kol surprises Elena by arriving on her doorstep. Sounding a bit like the big bad wolf in The Three Little Pigs, he insists on an invitation into the house. Jeremy invites him inside and leaves to find Bonnie. Elena makes Kol the offer to give up looking for the cure if he promises to leave her brother alone. With a little small talk and several drinks, Elena tries to stall Kol from leaving whilst Jeremy tries to locate Bonnie for help. Kol’s determined that Silus stays buried and will stop at nothing to ensure that he does. He leaves, promising to take Elena’s offer “under advisement”.

“I don’t belong to the spirits anymore. I belong to myself.” ~ Bonnie

Bonnie’s under lockdown – her parents (yes, Abby’s back!) have decided to play mom and dad and call a family meeting. Bonnie’s not impressed, throws a magical tantrum and storms out the house.

Damon“Well, well. It looks like my little brother ripped out a page from my revenge sex handbook.” ~ Damon

Klaus arrives to babysit Damon who is still locked in the Salvatore cellar. Clearly, the Salvatore brothers are still at a silent war. Some interesting chit chat between Damon and Klaus, but when Klaus receives a call from Kol to say he’s under fire from Elena and Jeremy, he bolts. Thanks to the vervain in the town’s water supply, Damon is able to resist Klaus’s compulsion and escape the cellar.

“I want to be human.” ~ Rebekah

Stefan has a hidden agenda and uses the cancelled school dance to lure Rebekah out of her apartment so that Matt can search for the hidden dagger. Some music, dancing, and idle chit chat, and he finally discovers that Rebekah has the dagger in her boot. Her boot? Stefan opts for a lame attempt to get her to remove the shoes, but Rebekah relents, hands over the dagger, and joins Stefan’s team. Their mutual plan? Dagger Kol and find the cure. Little does Rebekah know that she just dodged the dagger herself.

Kol2“I was going to make him suffer on my terms! I’m going to burn this house to the ground and then when you try to flee for your lives, I’ll kill you both without blinking.” ~ Klaus

Smelling a rat, Kol’s quick to return to the Gilbert house. He rejects Elena’s deal and attacks. With some nifty team work between Elena and Jeremy, they stake Kol, sending him into a ball of flames. Poor Kol. Two originals down, three to go. Klaus arrives in the nick of time to see his brother go up in flames. He’s upset, livid, and declares war on Elena and Jeremy. He reveals his only reason for searching for the cure is to destroy it. During his rant, Bonnie arrives and insists Jeremy invites Klaus in. With some of her newfound kickass magic, she imprisons Klaus in the living room. Needless to say, Klaus is furious and threatens to kill them all. An angry vampire, an impressive villain. As for Bonnie, whether this new magic of hers is good or evil, it still rocks. Love the new Bonnie!

Jeremy“Let me guess, she pledged her allegiance to you while you were naked in the sack.” ~ Damon

Damon, Bonnie, Elena and Jeremy gather at the Salvatore mansion to discuss their plan. Stefan arrives with Silus’s head stone. He reveals he didn’t dagger Rebekah, giving Damon the perfect opening to spill the beans on Stefan’s relationship status with her. Nothing like a little Salvatore tension to silence the room. Damon takes a harsh swing at Stefan, but Jeremy’s freaky screams break up their fight. Jeremy rips off his shirt to reveal the growing tattoo spreading across his body. In Damon’s words … “Here we go.”

Can they decipher the map on Jeremy’s body? Will they find the cure in the three day window period they have before Klaus is freed? Will Rebekah remain on their side? And of course, if there is a cure, who will have first dibs on it?

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