The Top Three Un-Couples on TV


Seeing as it’s Valentines day, I figured what better way to celebrate then look at the love others have for each other on TV. But that’s kind of boring, so how about the relationships that haven’t gotten coupley? Whether that is a bromance or besties or two people with the chemistry to make a relationship blossom, I’m all for those un-couples as I’m calling them. Here are my favourite three, but what are yours?


Merlin and Arthur – ‘Merlin’

Arthur-Merlin-Dungeon-arthur-and-merlin-6653201-615-461Merlin and Arthur are a friendship that has lasted through the ages. It started in the medieval ages, and has progressed to a show focused around Merlin in this BBC show which has recently wrapped up. By making Merlin similar in age to Arthur we get this beautiful, witty, sometimes funny bromance between them. Merlin is a protector of Arthur but has to hide aspects of himself while still being an honest friend which is tricky but he works through it. They have such a wonderful relationship of protecting each other and helping each other through the hardships they face. They make it on this list because of how lovable they are to each other and because audiences just can’t get enough.



Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia – ‘Criminal Minds’

morgan_garciaDerek Morgan and Penelope Garcia have had eight seasons to be flirtatious friends. They work together in the FBI, and whenever Derek calls Penelope the tech analyst the one liners come out to play. She’s his baby girl and they love to pull out the love you’s and cute things all the time. They’ve never really shown a romantic interest in each other, but that’s okay because it’s their friendship I love. They will protect each other from everything and they will always care no matter what happens. They have such a powerful bond, that when Penelope got shot he stayed with her, sleeping on her couch, until she felt safe again. He protected her against the man who wanted to come back for her, and she always tries to keep him out of trouble. This is the perfect friendship between man and woman I’ve found throughout my TV watching.


Nick and Jess – ‘New Girl’

Jess-and-Nick-3-jess-and-nick-30666991-245-365Now for my favourite, Nick and Jess have been best friends since Jess moved into the loft with Nick, Winston, and Schmidt at the beginning of the first season. Since then there has been a chemistry between those two that makes everything they do seem like they’re hiding feelings for each other. I guess, subconsciously, they have been. Their relationship has gone through ups and downs, with others butting in and trying to shape their relationship to the way a “normal friendship” should be but it never lasts. Nick has been Jess’ platonic boyfriend and emotional fluffer, and they have been there for each other when other romantic relationships have gone south.

This pairing shows that opposites definitely do attract. Nick is grumpy with a very sarcastic humor and Jess is happy-go-lucky and very, very silly. She sings all the time and doesn’t care what people think, and Nick is very self-depricating. I love the pairing because even despite all these differences they care for each other so much, as is evident when Nick runs into the haunted house even though he’s terrified to help her, or when Jess forgoes her issues to help Nick through a breakup. Recently, this pairing has taken a turn for the coupley, with Nick kissing Jess after a drinking game they had been playing where he refused to because it “wasn’t the right moment.” That kiss was probably the most amazing kiss I have ever seen on a show, and I hope it progresses things for them on the show with a relationship.

Who’s your favourite un-couples?

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