'The Bachelor' 17×06; Week Five Part Two: Canada, Eh?


Sean goes to the Canadian Rockies this week for dates with the girls. Last night was the first week with no shirtless!Sean, but tonight we get some shirtless moments in almost freezing water!

Date One:

wenn20107961-227803897225478110Catherine (let’s find our fairytale ending) gets the 1on1 date with Sean, and I’m so happy that he still hasn’t given Tierra the 1on1, let’s hope that never happens! Sean keeps showing up driving all of these insane vehicles like this big Brewster snow-bus thing. They’re super goofy and cute together and it put a massive smile on my face the entire time they’re playing on a glacier. How has she not had hot chocolate in such a long time? She’s missing out! Sean picks up Catherine for the evening in a horse and buggy (driven by someone else this time) and he takes her to an ice castle for their date. This is truly the perfect, romantic fairytale.

Tonight we get the serious side of Catherine as well as the goofy side. At twelve, Catherine witnessed a girl die literally right in front of her, when a tree snapped and fell. That is such a sad story, but I feel it gets so brushed off by Sean. He always gives roses like that tells them of his affection when he’s handing out roses to other girls as well… Imagine if every date in real life was dictated by an end of night rose!

Date Two:

wenn20107981--651667731167576066Tierra, Sarah, AshLee, Lindsay, Selma, Lesley, and Daniella (let’s bare our soles) get the group date together, leaving the second 1on1 date for Desiree. Sean starts the girls off with canoeing to the other end of the lake with Lesley hopping in Sean’s canoe. When they get to the other side, instead of a hot tub or fire like the girls wanted Sean has them prepare for the Lake Louise Polar Bear Plunges. I think my favourite part was when he’s telling them to do it because YOLO. Really Sean, really? We get an EMT warning of the dangers and Selma decides not to do it. No matter how much she may want the rose, she isn’t going to risk her life even as Sean tries to convince her. She says she’s from warm-weather Baghdad, but wasn’t she just saying she hates the heat? Everyone is screaming and laughing and saying how amazing the experience of jumping into freezing cold water was apart from Tierra who ends up crying wolf getting frozen. Sean checks on her like the great guy he is but even he seems to notice she’s getting a little more fake. When he gets to the cocktail portion of the date all the girls are throwing themselves at him. Lesley hints towards saying she’s falling for him which earns her the rose, Sarah shows him family photos, and Tierra comes back to answer his question on whether she expects a proposal.

Sean comes back after the date to pull Sarah away and break up with her so she doesn’t have to wait for the rose ceremony. He’d been feeling distant? I’d never really noticed, I guess the family photos from the group date were a bit too much for him. It’s really upsetting seeing her so sad about it, but I’m glad we’re getting to the emotional breakups because that’s what this show is all about (and finding love, of course).


Date Three:

Desiree (don’t be scared…to fall in love) has the second 1on1 of the week. They go for a hike to see all of Banff National Park, and then repel down Tunnel Mountain to a picnic. At the picnic they climb a tree and Des gets called his “little cub,” awe they’re so cute! As normal, they can’t keep their hands off each other all date, including as they repel down a cliff and climb a tree. They’re romantic dinner is in a teepee where there is more kissing and no eating leaving him thinking he could propose to her by the end of this show. I hope this keeps on going for them!

Cocktail Party:

Sean and Selma sit down so she can give him an awkward kiss even though that breaks with her cultural ideals of no kissing in public. I like that she’ll do that but she won’t do the polar bear plunge. Unfortunately that kiss doesn’t keep her around. Lindsay chats with Sean and tries abstaining from their normal furious kissing but ends up failing in that regard, and then AshLee brings a blindfold to symbolize giving control to Sean where he carries her around and kisses her. Good to know the girls can’t keep their hands off him!

Girls Staying: Catherine (1on1), Lesley (group), Desiree (1on1), Lindsay, AshLee, and Tierra.


My Favourites:

(first episode: Desiree, Jackie, Sarah)
(second episode: Kacie B, Desiree)
(third episode: Desiree)
(fourth episode: none)
(fifth episode: Desiree, Catherine)

This week I’m keeping my favourites as mainly Des with a little bit of Catherine.


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