'The Bachelor' 17×05; Week Five Part One

TheBachelor2013-Ep5Preview-500x338The Bachelor has decided to change things up, this week we’re getting double the drama and double the episodes. This week is the start of the 2on1 dates, where two girls go on the date and only one gets a rose, and the traveling around the world. I guess you have to give the girls something nice when you tell them how serious the competition is getting. This week they go to the Rockies in Montana so Sean can test the girls and see which ones are good with the outdoors. This is the first date where there hasn’t been a shirtless Sean!

Date One:

wenn20105216-378838059002937934Lindsay gets the 101 with let love soar. He immediately comes to pick her up in a helicopter for a tour of Glacier National Park. The scenery is so gorgeous, I wish I were there with him. They sit in a field with a picnic and then sit inside for wine that night for a “deeper conversation.” I didn’t realize that people actually use the term adolescent when talking about childhood and teenage years. There’s lots of kissing and no incredibly deep discussion, but I understand why Sean still likes her. It’s really cute when Sean seems so genuine as he talks about someone though. After giving her the rose he has one more surprise for Lindsay: a concert by Sarah Darling. It’s great watching Sean surprise someone, he gets such a massive smile on his face. Do they really need to put Sean and Lindsay up on a platform so they’re way above everyone else though?

Date Two:

canoe04-4_3_r536_c534The group date has Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Lesley, Robin, and Daniella. When they get there Selma runs and jumps onto Sean, she’ll jump him but she won’t kiss him? That’s interesting. He says he wants a girl who can wear heels one day and rough it the next, pick me! pick me! and if that’s true he definitely shouldn’t be keeping Tierra. The girls have to compete in a “Montana Wilderness Relay Race” boy, doesn’t it sound fun! A canoe race, bucking hay, sawing through a 12″ log, then milking a goat, boy doesn’t it sound fun? That’s not it, to win the team must drink all the goat’s milk. Selma, Desiree, Sarah and Robin are the red team, and AshLee, Catherine, Lesley, and Daniella are on blue. As normal, the winning team stays on for the second portion of the date while the losers don’t. Blue team immediately gets a lead with the canoe race but no one seems to know how to get the canoes going in the right direction. Blue has a good lead but the hay falls apart as they’re bucking, and red pulled in front when getting to the crosscutting. They keep a good lead as they get to milking the goat until it kicks over the glass. But they still pull through for a victory when Desiree chugs all of the milk.

Sean realizes he doesn’t want to send people home he wants to keep, so Chris Harrison goes to find the blue team to give them a date card inviting them to the second portion as well. None of the blue team seems very happy about him inviting the other girls but neither is Tierra, who wasn’t on the date at all. She’s upset the losers of the group date get to spend “more time with him, when [she’s] stuck on a two on one” …she does realize a 2 on 1 gives her loads more time than 8 on 1 right? She feels misled so she goes off in search of him. Really, you’re going to interrupt the group date? I don’t understand why he allows her to do these things! She came all the way to Montana for him? Yeah, so did all the other girls, it’s called The Bachelor and that’s what happens on this show. I like that he kind of just brushes off that conversation and goes back to the group date though.

He immediately goes in and pulls Desiree away from everyone, but immediately AshLee pulls Sean away which sucks. I’m still so excited for seeing Desiree though. AshLee is falling in love with him but I can’t see the great connection there like with some of the other girls. Daniella has a breakdown when she sees Catherine sitting in Sean’s lap (as they’re having a really cute moment) and cries about it a little until Sean has his 1on1 time with her. Daniella has never really shown a connection with him and then as he’s trying to calm her down she kisses him and they seem to have a good conversation until he gives her the rose.

Date Three:

imagesTierra and Jackie find themselves on the 2on1 date. If there was any girl you didn’t want to be on the 2on1 with it’s Tierra. She’s such a conniving b*tch! I’m really happy we get to see Jackie, even though it’s obvious from the lack of coverage she’ll be leaving, because on the first episode I put her down as one of my favourites and now I finally get to see if that was warranted or not! Jackie doesn’t know that Tierra went down to see him the night before, but hopefully that doesn’t leave her at too much of a disadvantage. Jackie wants to tell Sean a few things about Tierra, such as her flirtatious attitude toward some guy at the airport, and I love that Sean is receptive of the information. Sean pulls Tierra aside, for what I assume is discussion about the flirting, but she ends up telling him about how a guy she dated who died. Sad story, but all I see is the manipulation. Jackie is sent home but it really just makes Sean look a little silly as he talks about Tierra. Tierra gets fireworks and a bonfire at the end of their date, that’s really sad for Jackie who’s left at the same time.

Cocktail Party:

Des and Sean have a sit down that he leaves on shaky ground. Oh no! Tierra gets snooty as usual, and as she’s getting really heated towards Robin Sean walks past and hears some of it and just keeps going. He’s starting to see some of what the girls have been telling him about her, because he starts wondering what’s going on with her. This is a dramatic but very useful rose ceremony. When he pulls Tierra away he asks for specifics and she doesn’t give any, she just says she isn’t usually dramatic. Sean pulls a few girls aside and asks them for specifics about Tierra, I love that he’s being direct it’s a great quality! He still doesn’t get a direct answer which is unfortunate.

Sean sits down with Chris Harrison and he complains about Tierra and the comments the girls have been making about her. He even ends in saying he might not see his future wife in the room. That would be terrible.

Girls Staying: Lindsay (1on1), Daniella (group), Tierra (2on1), Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, Desiree.

My Picks:

(first episode: Desiree, Jackie, Sarah)
(second episode: Kacie B, Desiree)
(third episode: Desiree)
(fourth episode: none)

Luckily this week I did have some favourites again. Desiree is still a favourite and I was absolutely terrified when he called her last. Phew! I also enjoyed seeing Catherine a bit in there too.

Check back tomorrow for Part Two of the fifth week!

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