'Survivor' 26×02 "Honey Badger" Phillip is Special Agent Pink Panther

S26-520x271Last week, Bikal (favourites) won the reward challenge but lost to Gota (fans) in the immunity challenge ending in Francesca being sent home first for the second time.

Brandon Hantz pulling for Bikal
Brandon Hantz pulling for Bikal

Reward/Immunity Challenge:

The first three are ‘pullers’ who will pull the swimmers out to the dock. The next three are ‘swimmers’ going down to release nine rings which will be pulled back to shore where the three remaining tribe members will throw them onto polls to win immunity and a fishing reward with tools, nets, and bait. Gota have an extra person so they sit out Laura.

Bikal starts out with a good lead but Gota starts catching up during the pulling. Bikal pulls into a very good lead as they get all nine rings and start heading back when the Gota girls only have two rings. Definitely not the best choice for swimmers. The throwers only need to land three of the nine rings to win the challenge. Malcolm is tossing for Bikal and they have two of their three rings landed before Gota even gets back to shore. Malcolm always seems to freeze up when another team is getting closer but Phillip was able to pull it back for them. Even though Phillip is the C.E.O of Crazy he’s useful to have around and probably the strongest of their team.


Gota (Orange)

Shamar is “conserving his energy” all day by laying around and not doing anything. It’s so frustrating having a lazy ass on the tribe…at least there isn’t any lazy people on Bikal. Immediately after losing the immunity challenge Reynold starts scheming to get Shamar out. Only problem with chucking Shamar is he’s probably the strongest of their tribe so they need him until they get to the merge. Instead of going behind Shamar’s back Reynold decides to make a dramatic scene in front of everyone. Matt is thinking strategically on voting out Shamar even though he’s in the alliance and although it’s probably their best strategic move no one else agrees with him and they consider voting out Allie instead.

John Cochran's old (above) and new (below) thrones.
John Cochran’s old (above) and new (below) thrones.

Reynold starts thinking about hidden immunity idols and goes in search through their camp. People keep finding these idols before they get clues. Good for him and let’s hope he uses it to good value! Just as he says he doesn’t want to go into camp with a big smile on his face or a bulge in his pants from the idol, Laura notices that exact bulge as they’re getting ready for Tribal Council. Although she can’t do anything about it by now, that definitely isn’t going to help Reynold at all.

Bikal (Purple)

When Bikal get’s back from last week’s Tribal Council, Dawn apologies to Brandon for voting against his alliance ending with her in tears and Brandon calling himself a honey badger. I don’t know why he thinks of himself as a honey badger but he does, so that’s interesting. Brandon decides to channel Russell by wanting to play dirty and go out with a bang but then the next morning he’s happy and no longer wanting to ruin the tribe. Cochran has found himself another ‘throne’ and it’s so much better than last time. He’s upgrading and he’s definitely my favourite person of the season, especially with his commentary and intelligence.

Tribal Council:

Most of Tribal is spent commenting on Shamar’s laziness with sparks flying between Reynold and Shamar until Laura points out that she saw Reynold’s idol. Unfortunately that ousts Reynold and he says he will play his idol tonight to stop the drama that will ensue about it. As a twist he doesn’t actually end up playing the idol which is a great move if no one thinks about the fact that honesty with Reynold just went out the window.

Allie is voted out 6-4.

Next Episode shows both teams having problems. Gota has Shamar causing drama while Bikal’s Brandon is going crazy again.

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