Don't Miss Jeff Galfer's New Short "Buried Treasure" – Movie Review + Trailer

Buried Treasure Movie

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Synopsis: In the world of geocaching, there are treasure hunters: the hard core scavengers traversing the world to find the one cache (or treasure) they so desperately wish to uncover. And there are muggles: the rest of the world’s population, clueless and unaware that such treasures even existed for them to find. For Mark Zuckerbrod, being a muggle may not be such a bad thing after all.

After the sudden and surprising loss of his beloved wife, grief stricken Mark struggles through an unbearable and solitary existence. Yet when Mark accidentally discovers hidden treasure in the toilet of a remote gas station, he is thrust into the world of geocaching, awakening a desire to reinvent his present by revisiting his past.

A ‘cinema poem’ for geocachers, BURIED TREASURE is the story of love and gratitude – a reminder that just when you think all is lost, your treasure may find you.

These days, silence can be underrated in the film industry. From the moment films were no longer limited to silence by technology, filmmakers have sought to tell rather than show. It can be easy to forget how much can be said without actually saying a thing. Galfer’s new short film Buried Treasure manages to tell an emotionally moving story in less than 30 minutes – without much dialogue from the primary character.

Within a few minutes, viewers get the gist of Mark’s life – his lonely, mostly silent existence – and how he is essentially just going through the motions of living, not truly being part of anything. When a gas station attendant throws him off track with his enthusiasm for geocaching, Mark slowly begins integrating himself back into the world around him.

As “geocache muggle” myself, watching Jeff Galfer’s new short was like the first time I read Harry Potter: I had no clue what I was in for. I understood the basic concept of geocaching, but it wasn’t until I watched this film that I saw beyond just the thrill of finding a stranger’s “buried treasure” to what it really meant to those who actively geocache. Galfer’s short captures the difficulty of loss and accentuates the spirit of geocaching – highlighting why even geocache “muggles” would love to get involved.

You can watch the movie’s trailer below and continue checking the Buried Treasure website for updates on festivals and showings. I highly recommend you give this short a shot, and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

[vimeo 58603107]
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