Interview with Mike Fisher on His New Single: Jump

Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher is a new pop-rock artist out of MN who “left the money, for his dream.” He’s on the rise working with producer Jordan Schmidt (All Time Low, Paradise Fears) making new music soon to be released! You can view his full HRC feature here.
We had the opportunity to talk to Mike Fisher about his sound, new single, and Paradise Fears! Be sure to check out Jump and his second single Streets of Gold – both available on iTunes.

Describe your music style for us?
“You know what, I would say it varies in-between ambiance rock and even some sassy rock. I just put out a new single, Streets of Gold, and that’s not my interpretation of it, but my fans stepped in and said ‘sass rock’ which I thought was kind of cool so I think there’s a lot more sassy rock involved.”

You just released your debut single, Jump, what’s the story behind the song?
“That song I actually wrote when I went through the most changes I’ve ever went through in my life. I had left a former band, and this all kind of encompasses how I’d like to jump into a new direction and take risks without any reassurance but have everything work out in the end. So, I took a jump and quit a well paying job, it was kinda of a crappy job anyway. I moved back home for a while and started to work on my music, and that’s what Jump encompasses – take some risks!”

Favorite part about creating the track?
“Um, my favorite part about that was that I had the whole track created then I went down to Nashville with my producer Jordan and he had actually decided he wanted to do real drums instead of programming everything and I wanted some bigger feeling than what was behind what we had in that last part there. So we added something that sounded like maybe Kanye West into the track and that was my favorite part because there’s so many drums going on in that last part – it’s almost like tribal drums.”

What was it like working with Jordan Schmidt?
“It was awesome! I worked with him before in my former band and we had already established a working relationship. We just really clicked really well musically. There’s pretty much nothing of his that I don’t like, and nothing of mine that he doesn’t really like either, so I know when I go into the studio with him everything’s going to work out just fine.”

Any big plans for this upcoming year?
“I do, yes! With my two singles released, I’m gonna to be heading into the studio to finish up my album and I’m writing for that right now. I’ve been doing a ton of writing for that lately. Then I’m going to do a Midwest acoustic tour and after that I’m going to do a full nationwide tour! Nothings set in stone yet, so I’m not going to announce dates or who I’m touring with, but I’ve been conjuring up some ideas! So yes, there’s going to be a full tour after the albums released.”

Since we’re from Honest Reviews Corner, what’s your “honest review” on Paradise Fears?
“OH MY GOD. I’m so glad you asked me that. Those guys! They work with Jordan Schmidt too a lot, they’re honestly some of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met. I got to work on their Sanctuary music video with them and MAN, it’s just, how hard they work is like so inspiring. They’re like perfect models for any artist that wants to go  after their dreams or grab something for themselves. If there’s anything that someone’s doing right, it’s Paradise Fears. Everything’s pretty much going for them!”

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