Interview with Band of the Week- The Deep North

The Deep North

Check out an interview with the five piece Indie Rock band from Boston that claimed the Band of the Week spot!


You were recently featured in the “AP Magazine’s Most Anticipated Music of 2013”, what was that like?

Brad (Couture, keys): “It was a surreal moment to go to the store, pick up a copy of the magazine, and see a picture of yourself staring back up from the page. Knowing that anyone across the country can grab a copy of this magazine, turn a page, and see The Deep North is nothing short of thrilling.”

Is it hard trying to be a successful band coming out of Boston since it’s such a huge and musically diverse area?

Nick (Twohig, guitar/vocals): “We’ve all been playing in bands in and around Boston for years. It’s a double edged sword, really. There are so many talented bands and artists in a relatively small area. It makes for great shows, but it’s also really easy to get lost in the shuffle. I think we made a conscious effort, with The Deep North, to not worry about what was going on around us, but to just make the music that we wanted to make. If you stay true to yourself, you can’t lose. Even if no one digs it, at least you can be proud of something.”

What is the dynamic like having 4 guys and 1 girl in a band?

Rebecca (Frank, vocals): “I’ve been in three bands before this, and have never had a fellow female bandmate, so I’m very much used to it! The guys are all really talented and driven, so it’s kind of like having four big brothers to look up to. I’ve learned a lot from them.”

Nick (Angelo, drums): “For us, there’s no difference in having a female vocalist rather than a male vocalist. We’re all musicians and we respect that attribute in everybody, regardless of gender. Rebecca holds her own in The Deep North, aesthetically and musically. Plus, my mother always told me that I should find a nice group with a female front-person. Needless to say, she was enthused upon learning this fact. Thanks Mom!”

How often do you guys play shows? What are they like?

Nick A: “Between two and four performances a month. We love playing out! There is no better feeling than expressing yourself through whatever art form or medium that relates to you. TDN’s performances are fun and energetic. We enjoy getting the chance to hang out with our friends in other bands, and hearing bands/musicians play, as well.”

Your bio says that your sound is like Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab for Cutie, The Get Up Kids, and Something Corporate, how so?

Nick T: “I would want to jump in and note that we list them as influences, rather than suggesting that we “sound” like them. Just like any artist, we all started playing and writing after hearing something that moved us. We all have those bands or artists that inspire and push us to create.

I think in the past, there’s been a certain stigma to publicly listing an influence on social media. I don’t see it that way. As a music fan, I always tried to find out who a band was into. It’s like going down an evolutionary chain to figure out who inspired who, while simultaneously expanding your own musical horizons.”

Your EP was co-produced with the help of Sonny DiPerri who has worked with big names like 30 Seconds to Mars and Portugal. How did you get involved with him?

Dan (Nakhoul, bass): “Nick [Twohig] and I grew up with Sonny. The three of us were in a band together back in high school. Sonny’s actually worked with me quite a bit in the past on my solo stuff and mixing a record for my old band Astronomer. That’s really what turned us on to having him work with us on our s/t EP. He’s just a bank of recording and production information. It’s really been invaluable to have him involved in the entire process of putting out this record.”

What was your goal for the EP? Did you meet that goal?

Brad: “Musically, with this being our first release as a band, I think we really wanted to capture the essence of the “TDN sound” – really define and craft our songwriting style. I think everyone in the band would agree that the public reaction to the EP was more than we had hoped, and has continued to exceed our expectations with how it’s received.”

Since you guys are a relatively new band, what has been your opinion of the music industry thus far?

Rebecca: “Even though we’re a new band, we’ve all been in bands for several years and I think that definitely gives us a great advantage. It’s certainly a learning process and you need to be able to adapt quickly. Things like Kickstarter and StageIt are amazing tools, but they didn’t exist until a few years ago. You’re always learning about these new services and how they can help your career, and that part can be pretty fun. We work really hard on the behind-the-scenes “business” stuff every day, and it’s awesome to see hard work pay off.”

Some bands prefer to be unsigned; do you hope to get a record label someday?

Nick T: “Well, that’s a hard question to answer. These days, there are so many ways to directly connect with fans that it would really depend on the situation. I remember, back before social networking was a widespread thing, you’d drive to different towns and pass out paper flyers to promote your shows. Back then, I think bands would have done anything to get on a label. Now, it’s more a question of “What can a label do for us that we can’t do ourselves?” At the end of the day, it’s just about getting your music heard by as many people as you can. So… who knows! “

What was it like to be featured on the Midday Records compilation?

Dan: “Whenever you can say that you’re on a compilation with great bands like Yellabird (who we actually share a rehearsal space with in Charlestown, MA), Eddie Japan, The Daily Pravda, and Gentleman Hall it’s just a cool honor. Super talented bands.”

What’s the next step for the band?

Rebecca: “Well, we’re starting off the new year with a bunch of shows all around New England. We’re really excited to play in new venues and share our music with more people! “

Nick T: “We’re also in the process of writing for our next release. We’ll be working with Sonny DiPerri again. We’re heading up to a secluded, rural farmhouse style studio for a few weeks in June. Which is, of course, one of those bucket list recording situations. We absolutely can’t wait.”

Brad: “I’m excited to push the envelope more in the studio for this release – we touched on some experimental and unorthodox processes and styles while recording the self titled EP, but I can’t wait to get really creative with textures this time around and cover some new ground.”


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