Interview with Actor Caleb Barwick of "Army Wives" and "The Anna Nicole Story"

Caleb Barwick (IMDB | Twitter) is a young actor with a theater, film, and television background. Lately, he has been keeping busy racking up on-screen credits, with roles in several upcoming films – including Lifetime’s The Anna Nicole Story starring Agnes Bruckner, and Grow Up, Tony Phillips, both of which will be released later this year. Soon, you’ll be able to watch him on the new season of Army Wives as Tanner. Check out our interview with him below, and don’t miss the seventh season of Army Wives on Lifetime, starting March 10th at 9PM.


How did you get involved with acting?

“Well, my mom signed me up to be an extra in Spy Kids 4 when it was filming in Austin. I was picked to participate in a small group scene and I was moved to sit right behind Rowan Blanchard. If my scene made it into the movie, I would have had a lot of screen time! So the director, Robert Rodriguez, really worked with me directly on facial expressions. Unfortunately, that scene was just in the deleted scenes on the DVD – but it exposed me to acting and I started taking lessons after that.”

You played Anna’s son Danny in The Anna Nicole Story releasing this year. How did you prepare for that role? Was it different portraying a real person instead of a fictional character?

“I prepared for it like I would have with any role. I worked with my coach, Taylor Loeb, to help focus on the back-story of what he was going through and the emotional connection. Then, I researched Danny on Google and YouTube. Fortunately, his life was really well documented.”

With traveling and long days on set, do you ever have a hard time balancing your acting career with school?

“Yes, it’s a struggle but I am also getting used to it. I am a straight A student, and that is really important to me. My school has been really supportive and helpful with making this all work for me. Most kid actors are home-schooled, but I still attend my regular middle school when I am home and the teachers are working great with the onset tutors. After working all day, finding another hour or two to dedicate to school work is hard but it’s working out.”

I noticed through your Twitter account that you’re a fan of Ed Sheeran’s Lego House. What or who else are you listening to lately?

“I am not huge into music and I don’t listen to any one particular artist. I like most of the stuff on the radio. Also, this is kind of different than most 12-year-olds probably, but I really like to listen to stand-up comedian routines on my iHeartRadio app.”

We’re always curious to know what TV shows actors are watching. So what’s your favorite right now?

“The Walking Dead is probably one of my favorite shows. I can’t wait for it to come back in February! While I was on location for [The Anna Nicole Story], I spent much of my down time catching up on every season. I also like Adventure Time and Tosh.0. I watch a lot of Netflix and not so much regular weekly shows because I’m travel so much right now.”

You’ve done a lot of shorts and films – and now you’re on a TV series. Was it difficult to go from acting in films to acting for television?

“It wasn’t difficult, but it’s different. TV is really fast paced, pumping out a new episode each week. Army Wives is super organized, since they’ve been doing it for so long. It’s totally like get in, get it done, and move on. Having a new story each week on Army Wives has been really interesting. I like to see the characters and story lines evolve.”

What do you do to pass time between takes?

“Well, my costar Ella Wahlestedt and I like to take pictures and Instagram and tweet them. Also, my TV family and I have an on-going trivia game – just like looking up random facts and things like that. If I have a lot of time, I am doing homework, texting or reading on my Kindle.”

Tell us a little about your new character Tanner on Army Wives.

“He’s the 12 year old son of Maggie Hall, played by Torrey Devitto. She’s remarried [to Burgess Jenkins’ character] and has a step-sister [played by Ella Wahlestedt] that he struggles to get along with. I really like her in real life though!”

That’s good to know! Who are you closest with on set?

“I’m just getting to know everyone but they are all so nice and we all just get along like one big family. It just worked from the very first day on set.”

What is the best advice you’ve been given since you started acting?

“On the set of Anna Nicole, both Mary Harron (director) and Martin Landau pulled me aside separately and told me to never give up and to keep doing what I am doing. Wow, what a boost that was. I was so honored to have both of them say something so motivational.

As for acting advice, my coach told me that once you understand your character, it will become real and it will show – so I keep that in the back of my head when I am preparing for a role.”

Photo Credit: taken by David Heisler, courtesy of IMDB Photos.

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