‘Community’ Recap — Episode 4.03, “Conventions of Space and Time.”


Well, for one I have to say—what the heck kind of title is “Conventions of Space and Time?” seriously? That’s the best they could come up with? Oh, well.

This episode was fairly heavily relationship-based, starting out with Troy/Britta and ending up more focused on Jeff/Annie, and Troy and Abed as well, whom everyone seems to be referring to as a couple, since they kind of are.

Though slightly less green.

As the title of the episode obviously suggests, the gang ends up going to an Inspector Spacetime convention, which Jeff wants to ditch but decides to hang around since he’s the spitting image of one of the villains in the show and wants to use it to pick up chicks, and Shirley and Pierce aren’t invited to because they’re older but decide to show up anyways.

Abed meets up with a friend he met on the internet and proceeds to all but ignore Troy, which upsets him, but Troy manages to win him back because the Internet guy turns out psycho. Also, Britta is just kind of there.

Pierce and Shirley end up in a consumer opinion panel for a prototype American remake of Inspector Spacetime, which Pierce completely ruins by complaining about everything that’s good about the show.

It happens.

Annie stays at the hotel and pretends to be “Mrs. Winger,” which leads to a scandal when Jeff is caught flirting with another woman in the lobby, but eventually turns into a somewhat heartwarming moment between Jeff and Annie.

In my opinion, the episode started off fairly weak but brought it around in the end with the conclusions. Though, if they decide to keep on focusing on the romantic relationships in the show and tying the characters down to one partner, it’s probably not going to end well. Community has notoriously only played around with those things, letting the fans choose who gets paired up with who, and also making sure the episodes don’t turn into the cliché love-triangle sort of things that are everywhere on television nowadays.

I’m watching you, Community. Don’t take that path.

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