‘Community’ Recap — Episode 4.02, “Paranormal Parentage.”


Happy Halloween, everybody! Or, as the Community Crew is calling it, Valloween, due to the extraordinary coincidence of their meant-to-be-Halloween episode airing on Valentine’s Day. Who would have thought?

Patented panic technology
Patented panic technology

Paranormal Parentage was a step up from last week’s episode, which even the crew agrees was a little over-the-top, trying to make a big opening for the season 4 premiere and layering it up with a few too many storylines. This week’s episode was fairly simple in comparison, having the study group go to Pierce’s mansion to rescue him, since he apparently got locked in his own safe room.

Jeff is entirely unconvinced of Pierce’s actual need for help, insisting that it’s a ploy for attention, but goes along with it anyways, helping the group look for the code in the mansion. The mansion that, apparently, is haunted by the ghost of Pierce’s late father! Oh no!

Also, Jeff.
Also, Jeff.

Of course, it all turns out to be a scheme anyways, since Pierce hadn’t been invited to the Halloween part they were all going to and was upset about it, so he did something insane as usual.

But, besides the haunted house storyline, Shirley tries to talk to Troy about Britta, and learns that Troy is blissfully oblivious to the more adult aspects of relationships; Britta attempts to psychoanalyze Jeff in regards to the issues he has with his father; and Abed spends a decent amount of the episode trying to look for a television.

I was a little worried last week, but it looks like Community might pick up with this episode, settling nicely into the routine it had back around season 2 or so. A few manageable storylines, and the occasional heartwarming ending. After all, a sense of Community is what this show is really all about.

Catch the next episode of Community—next Thursday the 21ston NBC at 8/7c!

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