'The Bachelor' Season 17 Episode 2

thebachelor-ep1702-630-jpg_224230I’m curious if we’re going to get a gratuitous workout scene from Sean at the beginning of every episode. Is that really necessary? We all know you’re ripped. I’m betting we’ll see some Shirtless Sean at least once every episode. I doubt many are paying attention to the heartfelt things he’s saying… but it’s nice to hear him say he could see himself getting married by the end. I love my short moments with Chris Harrison, I know I can’t get any extra time with him because it’s not about him… But he seems so great. Next bachelor? I still think that would be cute.

Date One:

the-bachelor-episode-2The first date card arrives and Sarah is going on a 1on1 with Sean. He collects her in a helicopter, but of all people I don’t understand why Kacie B is surprised. You were on Ben’s season, you should be used to this! He looks gorgeous as always and they fly off together to a skyscraper where they’ll free fall 300ft to a champagne toast down below. Sean’s really not losing any time before starting the adrenalin packed dates, is he? After making sure she’s okay with it they jump off the building and I love that he’s just laughing the whole way down. Why don’t my dates ever come up with extravagant plans like this? Oh yeah! Because ABC isn’t paying for it.

During the evening portion Sarah tells this upsetting story about how she tried to go ziplining but wasn’t allowed to because of state regulations prohibiting people with disabilities doing it. Sean looks upset by the story and it really is unfortunate, but I don’t know if she’s said anything that doesn’t relate to her arm all episode. I really hope that changes because I want to like her. They seem to have a flowing conversation with laughs and smiles so I see this going somewhere. Sean decides to take Sarah to the roof where there’s a rose waiting for her and the first real kiss of the show. Overlay that with her saying she’s always imagined the perfect fairytale to be just like this and you have me swooning over them. But imagining myself in her place, of course. Sarah better watch herself though… She says she’s already falling in love with Sean. Too soon and it can only lead to heartbreak!

Date Two:

bachelor-harlequin-seduced-kristyThe second date card arrives and this group date includes Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Leslie M, Daniella, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn, and Tierra. Let’s capture the romance. Tierra immediately gets her bitch face on because she’s on a group date instead of 1on1… She really reminds me of Courtney from Ben’s season and from season previews I don’t think that’s going to change. The girls pull into a castle and Sean, better known as Prince Charming, is waiting for them. I didn’t realize I was watching a fairytale. Sean has them doing a Harlequin novels photo shoot. Well. This is taking a risqué turn for the better! The shoot with the best chemistry gets three of their photos with Sean put on nationwide Harlequin book covers. Kristy is immediately pumped to do the shoot, cheering and screaming, because what better date for a model? The drama starts in the makeup chair, as always, with Robyn complaining about Tierra when she’s at the next station. The four themes for the shoots are cowgirl, sexy, vampire, and historical. Sean seemed really into the cowgirl shoot with Lesley M but the ballroom scene with Kristy the powerhouse won. She definitely seemed more excited about winning then being with Sean though.

After the shoot they hang out at this ridiculous house and Sean has some evening chats with a few ladies. I like that he’s still crushing on Lesley M, but her awkwardness mixed with the attitude that he has to make the first move doesn’t bode well. Until she makes a move and it works perfectly for her, why was she getting all fidgety again? Kacie B sits down with Sean for “a real grilling” which turns out to be them chatting about how cute they find each other and how they want to continue seeing where things go. That’s the most boyfriendy/girlfriendy conversation so far! Sean notices Tierra moping around all night so he finally goes to tell her that he really wants her to stick around and he has the most genuine look in his eyes. Bleck, I’m with the girls in the house on this one, she is way too sullen and bitchy for him. Katie is having a bit of a breakdown because she’s so different from the other girls in the house, so she quickly tells Sean she’s leaving. Well that was easier than I expected. Because Katie left he gets to thinking about going through this process, and having to do it twice, and he ends up giving the rose to Kacie. I’m sure that’s not the only reason, but I’m so happy the nice girl is getting the rose.

Date Three:

wenn5973780--3375830812703300126Desiree gets the third date card and Sean brings out his prankster self on their date. As they’re going through the date he starts feeling worse and worse about pranking such a sweet girl. She takes it rather well but the prank seemed to fall a little flat. Hmf, oh well. At least it worked out for her. They could have at least made the masterpiece pretty or something, because she didn’t seem very impressed by it upon first being introduced to it. After that, Sean takes her back to his place (on the first date!) where he has dinner ready. They have a really natural dinner with steak and veggies and it just seems like they’re a couple. I love that she doesn’t know anything about Sean, so he’s finally getting to talk about himself and get to know somebody that hasn’t watched him before. It must be so weird to be dating all these women that know so much about him before meeting him. They talk about families and this is the first genuine, normal conversation I’ve seen. Suddenly they’re having serious conversations in the hot tub. Come on, is that really what’s happening right now? This feels so cliched but so perfect and cute at the same time. One of the best moments was when Sean tried to give her the rose but she left him hanging because of his prank earlier. They’re so comfortable around each other and it’s definitely heartwarming.

Before the Rose Ceremony:

Sean sits down with all of the girls he didn’t take on dates to confirm that not getting a date doesn’t automatically mean you’re out. When he’s with Lindsay he gets a different sober side of her that’s really sweet and funny. Unfortunately Sean keeps adding to the list of girls he likes and he seems to be getting a bit overwhelmed with all of it. So many girls that he likes with a rose ceremony coming up quick! Robyn decides to be up front and ask him a serious question. With the show getting more culturally diverse in the bachelorettes this season, how does Sean feel about that? Is he attracted to women of colour? Sean continues to go up and up in my books. Instead of being taken aback by the question or getting uncomfortable as Robyn expected he’s totally happy to answer. Being the wonderful guy that he is, a woman’s ethnicity doesn’t factor into whether he likes the girl, instead it’s their personality he cares about. He was raised so well. Please, tell me more to make me swoon more. The only girl that seems to really drag everything down before this rose ceremony is Amanda. Unresponsive is a kind way to say it. Whenever Sean shows up she’s smiley and happy but that just makes it all the more fake. I’m definitely enjoying her fake smiles towards him as well…

People Staying:

Sarah (1on1 date), Kaice B (group date), Desiree (1on1 date), AshLee, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Leslie M, Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H, Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, and Amanda.

My Picks:

(first episode: Desiree, Jackie, Sarah)

This episode, I liked Kacie B and Desiree. Desiree is my favourite pairing with Sean, they just seem so natural and fun, but I love that Kacie B is coming from a place of friendship with Sean, so we’re seeing a different kind of relationship form with them.

What did you think of the episode?

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