'The Bachelor' Season 17 Episode 1 Recap/Review *Season Premiere*



The Bachelor Nation saw many relationships form and quickly break up in 2012. Ben Flajnik found love with Courtney on his season of The Bachelor, but they quickly separated. Emily Maynard found Jef Holm on her season of The Bachelorette but after a succession of break ups they seem to be firmly apart now. Arie from Emily’s season of Bachelorette dated Courtney from Ben’s season for a time but decided they wanted more “private love lives”. Bachelor Pad formed the new relationship between Bachelor alums, Lindzi and Kalon were wrung in the New Year together six months later. Unfortunately, the cute Blakeley and Tony relationship ended bringing Blakeley back into the world of no cable TV. The shining achievement, Ashely and JP, had their wedding televised in December for all to see. Still looking cute and happy, I hope they’re one of the few who last. And now 2013 is only a week old and we have a new Bachelor season to start the relationship drama all over again.

What better man for the job than Sean Lowe, someone who many women called perfect all through his stint on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. Winning hearts as the sweet, Southern gentleman it’s no wonder ABC chose Sean for their next season. Arie comes to chat with Sean about their past relationships with Emily, how Sean can kindly break up with these girls, and to teach Sean the kissing techniques Arie was known for during Bachelorette. I don’t know how any of that was useful, but it’s nice to see Arie again and wasn’t their banter adorable? Sean seems to be the sweetest of the men to have passed through this show, but with a sweet man comes crazy women, so let’s meet the 25!

Big Intros for a Few Special Ladies:

Tierra -while doing her interview she starts screaming and getting all excited. Possibly a little crazy. Photos of him on her phone and talking to her dog about Sean being the new father. Definitely a bit crazy.

Sarah -she sounds a little bit dumb but then the big news comes: she was born missing her left arm. Well isn’t that interesting, definitely curious to see how he deals with that!

Ashley -she has a cat because all her friends are “married and boring”, she is obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey, and doesn’t understand why she’s single. Maybe it’s because of the things you said about yourself in your intro. You want Sean to rip off your clothes and spank you? I can tell you right now he’ll be terribly shocked and probably put off by this.

Sean Meets the Women:

Jackie -appears to be a fiery girl, putting her mark on him in way of bright red lip print.

Selma -the most annoying voice, but how sweet of her to wipe off the lip print from Jackie

Leslie H -Holy Toledo, I’m liking this girl, especially when she calls Sean Mr. McSteamy.


Daniella -it’s always so difficult to think of cute things that will get him interested for the first impression rose. I don’t think a handshake cuts it, unfortunately.

Kelly -as a cruise ship entertainer what better thing to do but sing a song about Sean? Could this be another Wes just trying to get a record deal?

Ashley P -I actually wanted to hear about the good books Sean had been reading. Intelligent conversation would have been so great right there! Instead you have to mention your weird Fifty Shades thing and pull out a tie and completely dumbfound him. Poor guy.

Paige -although I thought she was sweet for that first little bit on Bachelor Pad she immediately starts talking way too much on here and I just can’t handle it. Stooooop, let him speak! He definitely didn’t look excited when you said you were on Bachelor Pad 3 either! Nobody likes the fans…

tierra-600Tierra -your first impression is an open heart tattooed on your finger? I really hope you didn’t do that for the show…  It seems to work as he runs to Chris Harrison to grab the first impression rose on the spot. This has never happened before! Oooh.

Amanda -making the awkward pause that “always comes when getting to know someone” be your first impression. It’s interesting, hasn’t been done before, but a bit…you know… awkward, in a cute way.

Karianne -driving over 2500miles to be on this show? Boy would it suck if you left tonight….

Desiree -bringing pennies to wish in the fountain leads Sean to say she’s really cute as she walks away. Haven’t had any of those comments yet from him, hmmm.

Sarah -Sean doesn’t seem phased at all by her lack of an arm and neither of them mention it. It’s really nice that he seems completely unfazed as I thought he would

Brooke -and a bit of weird growling later…

Lesley M -running a play with Sean as the centre. Good trick getting to view his butt for a while! He makes a comment after she leaves about her being fun, keep her!


Ashley H -hi Ken, I’m Barbie! Good way to start it off, and telling him the colour of your dress matches his eyes? Maybe that’s a little too much..?

Lauren -personal moment for me, he should keep her just so I can pretend she’s me… she’s got some Italian roots, but then making it a bit weird with the broken heart/legs comment? ouch

Lindsay -the substitute teachers hows up in a full wedding dress with veil and everything. Sean looks a little like ‘WOAH, crazy women!’ and says did I miss the memo. I’m glad he’s able to make light of it, because that outfit comes off a little crazy. And then she drags him to kiss her on the lips when he’s going for the cheek. Any surprise wedding dress girl is a bit forward? Turns out she was just being a prankster and they’re on a good footing. I hope he keeps her, she seems cute.

The rules are already changing, this time with adding in another girl. Surprise #26 is Kacie B from Ben’s season of the Bachelor! He seems to know her, and she’s the Christian girl from Ben’s season so wouldn’t that be a perfect pairing? Sean seems so excited for her, and as much as I liked her on Ben’s season her excitement is a bit much at the moment. Let’s give her some time to calm down…

Cocktail Party:

It’s safe to say this is going to be a much different season of the Bachelor. Who said there can only be one first impression rose? Clearly not Sean, as by the time we get into the Rose Ceremony, twelve lucky ladies have roses in hand instead of the normal one.

When Kacie B walks in it really is the lions den. All the girls try to hide their bitchy faces as they contemplate why someone is back from another season. This has never happened before and who wants to compete with someone that’s on their second go around? We see their 1on1 time together first, and one of the first things that he does is give her his jacket. As always being the gentleman that America liked from the start. I’ll just be in the corner wishing he was all mine. Desiree and Sean chat about her bridal stylist job and how she wants to design wedding dresses (including her own) and during their conversation he gives her a rose. Now that anyone can get a rose during this cocktail party the house drama is really starting to heat up.


Lindsay, better known as wedding dress girl, is concerned about Sean not understanding the joke but when she pulls him away from the group she’s a little too drunk to make any headway. He doesn’t give her the rose during their 1on1 time but perhaps begging for a kiss and telling him he’s traditional wasn’t the way to his heart? Then there’s Ashley dancing promiscuously with her tie making an absolute fool of herself. She goes in while Paige is asking Sean about the roses and continues her booty dancing waiting for them to finish. It’s a good think Sean brought his rape whistle because with some girl “Fifty Shades of Drunk” running loose, anything could happen. I’m so curious how Ashley will feel when she looks at this episode sober.

Taryn wants a rose, but won’t compete and steal him away from anyone because she doesn’t want others to know she wants a rose. You’re on the Bachelor, if you don’t want the rose you’re the sneaky, unfaithful girl of the season, is that really preferable? Sarah is incredibly insecure and I have to say I love that there’s a girl who has massive insecurities like the rest of us normal folk. Possibly no the right show for you, but great nonetheless. During her 1on1 time I feel like they’re trying to sidestep the fact that she’s missing a limb but when it gets brought up it’s totally natural and goodnatured, polite mannered Sean was never one to judge her based on that anyway. He gives her a rose after the 1on1 time and I’m so happy she’s staying.

Sean chooses 20 women to stay: Amanda, AshLee F, Brooke, Catherine, Daniella, Desiree, Diana, Jackie, Kacie, Katie, Kristy, Lacey, Lesley M, Leslie H, Lindsay, Robyn, Sarah, Selma, Taryn, Tierra (first rose).

My Favourites:

From first impressions I like Desiree, Jackie, and Sarah.

Now if you happened to be looking for a drinking game for the season… As always, every time he mentions the show he came off or Emily have a drink. He’s Christian, so you’ll be hearing a few God comments every now and then, grab another for those. He’s family oriented, so if you hear those words from anyone I’d say have another go. Any other common phrases that need to be added, let me know!

What did you think of all the bachelorettes?

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